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D to D one Timers

The game is pretty good but when your back hand is a harder shot then the D to D one timers that’s a huge issue!!!!

0 power behind the shot you guys really need to fix this issue please!!!!


  • Not sure why you shoot weak, my guys shoot rockets. Scored a few on the D with them too
  • Why? This is sure no issue! This has to be if every D has lower slapshot puncture than O players!
  • Shots seem to be fine... Just not sure about backhand one timers
  • Then your timing must be off because the shots are pretty hard when you get it right. If you wind up for a slapper before the pass reaches your shooting player, it's even harder.
  • I second that, also if you cycle and wait for your opposite side D man to move down toward the slot...
    The one timer will be nasty, and bring a good number of goals.
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