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So we’re playing a video game right? Imagine just for a day they up’d the save percentage of cross crease to 75%+, the entire game would change and make people play differently, sometimes it’s just wicket impossible to stop, I checked his guy and we skated from the middle of the ice to the half board and he kept skating then I went down the stop it and it went threw me and he scored, just frustrating, would like to see the game for a day just to see lol


  • Cross Creases in real life are extremely difficult to stop if done right. Not a chance that CC plays are saved at 75% in real life. I do agree that the game would change significantly but don't act like this is a glitch. The game would be better served by getting rid of the breakaway backhand always goal, the one handed tuck always goal, the always goal shot across the body and the stupidly high percentage corner shot goal. Those are a whole lot more glaring than a cross crease.
  • With interceptions being how they are in 20, if you get a cross-crease through, it's a good pass and should have a high chance of being rewarded. I haven't seen the puck pass through any of my players yet, but in general it seems a lot harder to get pucks through traffic. You need an open lane or a good saucer pass. However, that could also be sort of explained with lower rated EASHL/HUT players at the beginning of the year. Regardless, it's not been as easy to get those passes through so I don't see an issue here. Doesn't seem to be exploited at least.
  • Cross creases should actually be a little more successful. It is most probably the hardest save to pull off as a goalie, and in fact, it isn't the goalie's responsibility to defend. It is up to the D to do its job and prevent these. Good D is alot about giving your goalie time to get settled and squared to the puck and obviously keeping players away from the high percentage areas when they have the puck.
  • Did you not play 19? Cross creases were the easiest things to save in that game. I’m loving the way goalies play currently compared to the beta (absolutely hated G play in the beta). When it comes to stopping Crosses in 20 or in general it’s always about your depth, sure it’s 100% on your defenders to stop the play but let’s be realistic here....it’s a video game. Knowing there is a guy that is a potential threat and stopping him is the best feeling in the world. Just hold short side and lose a little bit of depth the closer they get and just as soon as he passes shoot in the same direction and you’ll be good to go. Obviously it takes practice and you’re not going to stop everyone. This years game is very heavy on team play, it will be exciting to see how league play is when the season starts.
  • Make cross creases harder? NO! That would force you to play more one man show hockey with less passing.

    If anything make cross creases easier to get thru, this promotes MORE passing.

    All of this one man show, LT skating backwards bouncing off hits, dekes, etc. is ruining the game... We need to get back to punishing skaters and rewarding playmakers.
  • Turn up the hitting/injuries on open ice hits.. Enough of bouncing off a player. I want to see blood like NHL 93
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