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AI D in EASHL 3's.

He was overly offensive last year, he's even worse this year and nothing seems to stop him from playing as the 3rd forward too much and he gets caught out of position.. A lot... WHY????? None of the strategies seems to change anything. Seems again strategies in 3's does squat.

Ya I know, play with human D, that's not the point so don't even bother replying with that comment. Issue is AI D not playing like an actual D player.


  • I’m soooo happy this is a thing for the third consecutive year. This sole thing happening in EASHL and Be a Pro is why I decided not to waste another $80 buying NHL 20.

    I’m assuming since they do this in threes they will also try to be a forward on a 5 on 3 pk. Because that was a huge issue for me last year, was the defensemen always seemed to try to be the forward, even if all three are part of the rush.

    EA, why is this a thing? Many people have brought it up. When will you fix the simple things in previous games before releasing the same bugs for full price again under a different cover, name, and rosters?
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