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New York Islanders Home Arena

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As of last season, the New York Islanders are playing between 2 arenas, the New Nassau Coliseum and the Barclays Center. If you look at NHL schedule, the first game for the New York Islanders (10/4/19) it is at Nassau coliseum VS Washington. In NHL 20 the arena is the Barclays center. I can understand why both arenas weren't implemented in the NHL 19 game as it just became official. I am hoping both arenas can be implemented in NHL 20 as most of the islanders games will be played in New Nassau coliseum. Is this something that is in the works?


  • Probably not, I mean EA hasn’t seemed to do anything to the arenas since NHL16 when they made them all “authentic”

    There’s fans that have the wrong chant for their team, the predators have the same growl the panthers do after scoring which isn’t a thing so I don’t know why it still is?

    Personally it’d be great if they took a few weeks to really update and really make the fans and arenas feel more like hockey, but I’ve given up all hope on EA to do the right thing.
  • It's not happening. Anything that has to do with authenticity or immersion or if "it's in the game" is a thing of the past with this awful company.
  • Or could be because of the organization, for example:

  • I just want the announcer to call the Belleville Senators the Belleville Senators and not the Belleville Bulls.
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