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How is this supposed to resemble hockey ???

Just bought the NHL19 for a meager 5€. I kinda knew what to expect but 5€ is nothing so i had to give it a shot. Once again, like in the previous 4/5 years the game is a huge disappointment:

The AI in all star plays crazy puck cycling hockey that seems like inhuman speed. All passes are to the tape and the AI seems mistake free. In defense the AI cuts passes and pass lanes pretty well. Compared to my AI team mates it seems they are hardly ever in correct positions for a pass. I need to make some slider adjustment but i doubt that will make much of a difference. The game just does not seem fun to play.

So then i though maybe its just me. I'm getting older and my reflexes aren't up to par anymore. So i went online to see how to pros do it. In the video i linked there "best" nhl players are playing.


After watching this clip i can now understand why i don't get the game. Its not really hockey. When watching those guys play it seems like they have never seen an actual hockey game. That video has nothing to do with hockey anymore. Its a completely different. Players doing circles while skating, weird game play that in any normal hockey game would not make any sense.

That's my 2cents as far i'm concerned. For 5€ it was worth trying. Maybe ill try the nhl20 for 3€ next year :D


  • This is my biggest complaint about the game, and why I can only play against AI anymore. Curling around as one player until you can squeak into the slot and cheese the goalie is more like lacrosse than hockey. I bet none of those finalists have ever played hockey.

    I think the biggest **** off is it seems EA encourages that play style because they don’t do anything about it they just let it happen every damn year.

    At least when I lose to AI it’s because they cycle around and shred me apart defensively and it’s beautiful to see, I like losing like that. Not when bad AI programming gets cheese by 5 year olds.
  • Play club and play 6s. This game shouldn't be played with AI.
  • no it should not. but want to play for the cup. could care less playing with kids online.
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