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Lazy drifting

So playing defense just lazy drifting on the puck carrier is the best way to take the puck? If you hit you bounce off and will not get possession in "hit mode", poke is a peanalty 85% of the time, and stick lifts either take you out of position or even if sucessful they retain possession most of the time. So it seems just drifing not doing anything near the puck carrier and relying on the auto poke to just click to take the puck is the most effective way to play. Like rule#1 is to always keep you feet moving and keep skating IRL, but in EA drifting makes you god like with puck control and now is the only way to play decent contain defense


  • Often that is the case, but really it depends on what the other guy is doing too. Hitting and poking can be effective, unless the other guy is LTing or otherwise protecting the puck (setting up the tripod).

    It's pretty annoying that you can just turn your back and deflect a hit. And against these guys poking is sure penalty. Sometimes the best way is to mob the guy with two of your guys. He can't turn his back on everyone.
  • GramerProfesur
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    Unfortunately yes, defense is broken. Best way is to be facing the boards (not skating backwards) and in a glide when opponent is making a rush down ice. Easy to intercept pucks there. If someone is streaking down the wing and you’re facing him, better just stick with him and hope he loses the puck or misses the net. If you’re moving your feet for some reason it negates you picking up pucks.. no idea why.

    Don’t bother poking unless you’re a TWD or DFD with extremely high stick checking. Even stick checking at 85 is not good enough. Hitting is only beneficial in corners, if you try to rub someone out along the boards he’s gonna slide right past you. Any shot from any angle is likely go to in against the AI goaltender so you’re basically screwed if he gets a shot on net, and if you try and block it the goalie will act like you’re a 500 pound sumo wrestler standing in front of him

    So basically the opposite of everything you’d do in real life. This game is broken my dudes
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