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Fix the Strategy Menu. Broken for Years!

Ok EA, I'm not going to rant and rave this year about every little aspect of gameplay that could be better...

but for god sakes....

it's 2020....

you've been developing this NHL series for some time now....

we've gone through several console generations and seen significant breakthoughs in the gaming industry thanks to state of the art computer engineering and cutting-edge technology...

So why on Earth am I still mashing on the d-pad between plays to try to get the strategy window to appear?!

Every game, Im finnicking around with the d-pad between plays to try to get the stupid strategy window to appear and by the time it shows up, I'll end up accidently setting it to the wrong thing and before I can figure out what I now need to correct , so I can set the strategies to what I actually want, the puck is dropping on the stupid rock, paper, scissors, faceoff.

I mean its ridiculous ! It should be the most simplistic thing to fix! Touch the d-pad, window shows up. How difficult is that?! It needs to be seamless!

Dont patch anything. Dont nerf the entire game in two weeks for the first tuner because people think poke checks are "OP". If you can do nothing else, please, For the love of all thats good, fix the basic in-game feature of strategy selecton.

Thank You


  • SO YOU'RE THE ONE!!! I play Left D and that thing constantly keeps popping up on top of me! PLEASE STOP!!!
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  • What they need to do (besides updating to current NHL strategies) is have "presets" and "custom presets" based on game situation. This way when you come to a certain scenario in a game you just choose the preset with all the adjustments already made.

    Obvious ones would be like Power Play and Penalty Kill or Last Minute Down by 2. Some more subtle ones could be like Open 10 Home - a heavy forecheck high pressure for the first 10 minutes of a home game. Shut Down - a trapping effort to close out a game. etc etc.
  • Menus in general, how about the main menu and load out screens.

    Instead of yelling at EA for laggy slow menus and load outs I proposed a different approach, I shall ask a question.

    EA, please explain why the menus and load out screens take so long to load up? Please and Thank you for your fully descriptive explanation on this issue, a lot of people would like to know.
  • Didnt read the entire thread, dunno if you're talking dropin or VS CPU, but strategy only affects AI players and when human players run and gun like they always do, going out of position and such, the AI acts confused because you're sending it mixed messages.
  • Im talking about changing strategies in hut or online play. you have to click around on the dpad like 100 times between faceoffs just to get the stupid menu to appear

    Sometimes it doesnt work and then randomly shows up right before the puck drops and you end up hitting the wrong thing from repeatedly hitting the dpad to get the dumb thing to show up. It happens every game. Mostly during replays.

    Just fix it EA its a broken game feature
  • Funny that during the beta the strategy dialog worked like a charm everytime, even in the beginning of the match. I even wrote it as a positive change somewhere.

    Then I started the EA Access trial and it was broken exactly the same way as before. (Takes forever to appear in the beginning of the match)

    Makes me wonder what changed or if I was just lucky during the beta.
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