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Scoreboard & line selection/strategy menus

Scoreboard and select line/strategy menus are zoomed in. But nothing else in the game appears to be. It feels like the ratio is too wide but only for those two things. The pause menu feels right, Nothing gets cut out on the edges.

I tried messing around with tv ratio and nothing worked. Anybody else experiencing this?

Plus that scoreboard hides "behind the net" pucks and player's icons in eahl.



  • mgworek
    31 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    Your tv is in stretch mode. See the topic last edited on the 13 “edges off the screen”. I had the same problem, I read it and was like no way, my tv is fine just like the author was. I had no problems with any other game or appletv. Sure enough I finally found the setting. I had to turn my tv to “pixel by pixel” or something stupid like that. My tv broke and I was given an old used one. I’ve been using it for months and had nooooo idea. Like I said, only this game was effected.
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