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Defense help

Regardless what strategy I use, my defense always seem way too easy to break down. Particularly by wingers, leading to me letting in endless amounts of one timers.

My guys are always skating backwards, slowly, and the opponents attack just eases past me.

Any help/tips?


  • Actually there are a couple videos on Youtube to help with that. Just google it.

    A few keypoints

    - Don't spam the poke check or stick lift. If you keep your stick on the ice you will intercept more passes.
    - Keep yourself in good D position and use more your forwards to put pressure, especially on all-star or superstar modes.
    - make sure you have the right strategies to defend a specific type of pressure, again especially against superstar AI
    - Try to guess where the shot will be taken when the AI circle the puck in your zone.
    - Don't go for the big hit each time keep yourself in position when putting pressure defensively
    - BUT sometimes a huge hit will disrupt his strategy and will force bad passes as one option was taken out for 3-4 seconds

    The best way to defend is to stop the play at your blue line. But then if you can't, be patient and protect the slot and cross crease passes. If you get beat by a long shot or a deflection, no big deal. Those won't happen too often and you will win most of your games.
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