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Open letter to the dev crew and EA



  • The below was a post I made yesterday in a thread in reply to an individual who shared the same thought process about how this game often plays out:

    "Be careful with that type of statement - soon enough people will come in here and tell you that the team with 8-10 shots had better scoring opportunities than you with your 25+ and that you likely just shot the puck on net from everywhere. Additionally, your 2-8 minutes in additional TOA was probably just too much cycling of the puck without getting into any prime scoring areas. I say this because early into 19 I too came to these forums to complain that the team who clearly dominates the game is not rewarded nearly enough and I even supplied screenshots of post game stats (ie. outshooting 30 to 5 and losing 3-2 with quadruple TOA, 75+ passing % etc etc etc.
    The game has evolved to hinder opponents who in previous iterations of this series would destroy teams with nearly double digit goal counts. AI becomes lost, players can't execute passes, pucks cant find the net, etc. Call it DDA, call it whatever you want...it's been apparent for quite some time. I never thought I would ever get to a point where buying the new version of NHL wasnt on my list of to do's in the month of September as it is the only game I have always made sure to get my hands on year after year. No chance I buy NHL 20 until I can come on this forum and see every member of this community who shares my sentiments giving the game a round of applause."

    Sure enough I read through this thread today and saw this exact thing occur!
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