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No reward for Team battles 1

Where can i get my rewards for finishing season 1?


  • Got the same problem here
  • Same here... I received my rewards pack for the "S0 pre order exclusive" but I didn't receive the rewards for the S1:Unrestricted. I'm on Xbox one. In the S1,I noticed that my results are not available in the season standings but the round 1 standings is showing my results correctly. In S0, both standings are available and showing my results. I wonder if they gonna add a round 2 that we will need to play in order to complete the season on S1. Anyone received their S1 rewards already ?
  • Same here, recived for pre order, but for S1 round results availible, but season rank is N/A xbox one
  • Yep same issue was able to complete season but no rewards were given
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/NHLHUT/comments/d7gbya/quick_update_missing_cs_rewards/?
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