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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Great game, with minor issues.

I am adoring the feel of the game, before I felt that you couldn't really attack other teams. While this year you can still clog the middle it feels like puck control is a little heavier. Which is useful.

I've had no issues playing defense outside of a few bumps here or there or stick lifts not connecting as I feel they should. The game speed on defense feels a lot better. If only getting offensive players to realize a five man flow is better than a three.

Offense is fun this year. While passes get picked off, the speed with which to burn someone feels incredible that you are able to make that play against them.

8/10 hopefully the first tuner doesn't do too much to change it outside of maybe a slight bump to defensive ability and sticklifting.


  • Also the music is awful EA give us something better than this.
  • If they fixed the illogical, behind the back pass interceptions while nerfing LT abuse into the ground, it would actually be quite a decent game this year.

    Goalie threat analysis also needs to be fixed and implemented correctly.
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