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NHL 20 Content Update October 1st


  • The goal graphic still shows every human player as "Center" in EASHL Clubs.
  • I am new to this forum so I am not entirely sure where this reply is applicable, however, I wanted to bring attention to a couple things within NHL 20 online play that (IMO) needed attention.

    1. Prestige players emblem for world of chel: I thought I would suggest that the black player emblems should be different for prestiged players than for new players as they look the exact same. So a first prestige, level 4 player cannot be differed from a level 4 player who just started. Would it not make sense to have some border on these emblems to make them unique? The emblem I am referring to is the one that pops up before 3’s and ones games after matchmaking completes the teams. There is the black, bronze, silver, and gold emblems.

    2. The post-game highlights after world of chel games should be ‘skippable’ as they are so lengthy and are so frustrating to watch in slow motion when you want to leave the game to start matchmaking again. Is there a reason for this that I am unaware of?

    3. Why is the backhand tuck goal still so overpowered. I dont know why EA kept this abusable deke so easy to score with. Takes away the need to try new, more creative moves in online play.
  • markf44 wrote: »
    For years ea has given us the same old lack luster goalie masks. Annoying as hell. No imagination whatsoever.Some of us play multiple seasons and the lack of options regarding goalie masks is frustrating. I understand about licensing issues...but making a customization system similar to what Forza uses would make a world of difference. Same goes for coaches....why not let us have the option of editing them like we can in player creation. I’d also like to see a similar in season uniform creator.....playing with the same jerseys season after season is boring and unrealistic.......C’mon EA sports....it’s in the Game!

    So often told it, but they never hear. The art department is busy to add more clown gear to Chel as to add new Goalie masks, Player images, Player likenesses.
  • banimalx
    1 posts New member
    which center ice layouts have been updated for nhl teams ?
  • Thanks for the update. I appreciate the extra work you guys are doing.
  • It’s way better after the update as a goalie in eashl but the puck covers still need word, just lost a shutout because my guy wouldn’t cover the puck holding R2 and holding and spamming triangle on the PS4. Getting close to being perfect at least for goalies!!!!
  • After the update, the AI (Superstar) in Squad Battle seems to be way more aggressive defensively. It keeps on tripping me during the last 4 games I played. I don’t see why it would do that and if I am the only one experiencing it... It took six penalties in the first period only (Last Game). I like that it was more difficult, the problem is just the amount of penalties. It was absurd. So, if others experience it also, it might be something to look into.
  • Nuckles37 wrote: »
    @clappy_NHL will this patch finally let us use a small scoreboard in the corner in world of chel?

    Seriously, I can't even use a scoreboard in World of Chel at all. There was already very limited vertical real estate on the screen, I have to keep asking my teammates what the score is and how much time is left. I cannot use it, ESPECIALLY as a goalie.
  • I know HUT is your money grab because all of the people who aren’t good enough for EASHL empty out their bank accounts, but try making the only important game mode (EASHL non drop in 6s) good. Like almost everyone has already said, fix the things that are clearly stupid and shouldn’t be in the game or we’ll just be playing NHL 19 2.0. NHL 20 has potential to be the best NHL in a long long time, but chances are it’ll be just as bad as NHL 19.
  • Was there a Tuner update as well? I logged in and it asked me to download a new gameplay update.
  • For squad battles, now shows possible points... Missing the meter showing how much "learning" (attribute manipulation for both teams at best) the ai gets.

    Does this mean no more bronze and silver skaters playing like 99s? Or is it still the same, just no longer able to gauge how much the ai will get to cheat?
  • Not a bad update, but when will cross-platform multiplayer come? The online lobbies are almost non-existent at times for Xbox and the game just came out.
  • HuskyAhiga wrote: »
    Not a bad update, but when will cross-platform multiplayer come? The online lobbies are almost non-existent at times for Xbox and the game just came out.

    That's on Sony. Xbox is already in as far as i know.
  • In EASHL...

    It is WAY too easy to score on a penality shot or breakaway. Forehand-backhand EVERY time is a goal. Literally. Every time. Do that...goal.

    Not to mention, same glitch goal for last year, right handed shot, top of the circle wrist shot over the shoulder of the goalie. Goal. Every. Time.

    Please patch ASAP. EASHL is almost unplayable when you play a team that knows this.
  • Goalies still can't cover the puck when it's under them after this patch. It's still the crazy scramble of everyone poking at the puck hoping it goes in or comes out while the goalie sits there unable to do anything.
  • AChildr3
    1 posts New member
    I was an avid NHL 19 player...mostly in Franchise Mode. I felt the game was the smoothest, most realistic hockey game ever. I spent a week playing NHL 20 and the almost complete onslaught of glitches was incredibly apparent from the get go. Pucks, arms, sticks, etc all going through each other, super unrealistic physics, and a slew of other things drove me nuts. The new game presentation is almost schizophrenically fast and seems like it might induce seizures...seriously. Im really hoping the patches do wonders...cause I went back to NHL 19 and it was incredibly refreshing.
  • Yeah,

    passing is still way to easy to intercept. I should be able to throw the puck up the ice and not have to worry that a defender who isn't facing nor looking at the direction of it is going to intercept it.
  • Beyond disappointed you decided not to address the overpowered pass intercept, especially when the defender has their back to the play.

    clappy_NHL wrote: »
    Hello NHL Community,

    The newest content update for NHL20 will be live tomorrow on October 1st! This includes newly revealed adidas jerseys, Franchise Mode updates as well as a fix for the HUT loop/desync.

    Although we usually release a tuner around this time, we believe there is a consensus that the gameplay in NHL20 is in a good place so we don’t want to make any changes as of now. But there are a few areas we are monitoring and would like your feedback on:
    • Interceptions from behind
    • Inconsistency of low relative speed hits from console to console
    • Puck loss when pivoting at high speed

    On top of this we’re investigating some users suggesting that the ping shown in-game is not matching their in-game HUT experience.

    Please continue to voice your opinion on these and any other topics as we will continue to provide more gameplay and content updates throughout the year.

    Clappy & The EA SPORTS NHL Dev Team

    Here are the Content Update notes:


    • Added NHL 2019-2020 season rule change for puck out of bounds
    • When the attacking team is responsible for the puck going out of play in the attacking zone, in all instances, the face-off will be conducted at one of the two face-off dots in the attacking zone
    • Fixed a case where the player is sometimes unable to pick up the puck after a penalty shot in Threes

    • Fixed a case where players could get their limbs stuck in the net
    • Fixed multiple cases where the puck could go through the goalie’s pad
    • Improved cases where slap shots would be missed when taken near the boards

    • Improved a case where the weakside defender would overcommit on an odd man rush allowing the puck carrier a breakaway
    • Fixed a case where AI players would start to accelerate when passed to without player input

    Various goalie animation fixes
    • Fixed cases where goalies were sometimes trying to perform controlled/redirect saves when the puck had a high chance of being deflected and would leave them more vulnerable than they should be
    • Improved goalie tracking when the puck is behind the net

    • Improvements to shot angle selection logic for some rare cases
    • Improved cases where players on loose pucks would perform a snap shot when a slap shot would be expected
    • Fixed rare cases where one-timers would miss the puck completely

    • Added ability to preview the play-of-the-period replays in action tracker
    • Various environment camera clipping fixes
    • Player lineup animation and camera improvements
    • Play-of-the-period/game animation and camera improvements
    • Various Play of the Game/Play of the Period selection logic fixes
    • Multiplayer hug improvements
    • Fixed cases where penalty replays in EASHL don’t show the penalty being taken

    Franchise Mode
    • Added the season standings to the calendar screen
    • Added Auto Staff Setting that allows the CPU to assign scouts for the user team
    • Fixed an issue where Alumni Player’s Ages don’t show correctly in a fantasy draft in Franchise Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the PP and PK columns in Hire staff were reversed
    • Misc stability improvements


    • Updated Nashville Predators Scoreboard
    • Center Ice Changes
    • Updated the following Center Ice layouts

    • Binghamton Senators
    • Canadian Hockey League
    • London Knights
    • Cape Breton Eagles


    The following uniforms have been added to NHL 20:

    • Buffalo Sabres Alternate
    • Chicago Blackhawks Home and Away
    • Edmonton Oilers Alternate
    • Carolina Hurricanes Away
    Canadian Hockey League
    • London Knights Home and Away
    • Tri-City Americans Home and Away
    • Cape Breton Eagles Home and Away

    • Farjestad BK Home and Away
    • HV71 Home and Away
    • Rogle BK Home and Away

    • Mikkelin Jukurit Home and Away
    • Lahti Pelicans Home, Away and Alternate
    • Tappara Tampere Home, Away and Alternate

    • Dornbirn Bulldogs Home and Away
    • EC Panaceo VSV Home and Away
    • EC-KAC Home and Away
    • EC Red Bull Salzburg Home and Away
    • EHC Liwest Blackwings Linz Home and Away
    • Hydro Fehervar AV19 Home and Away
    • HC TWK Innsbruck Home and Away
    • Graz 99ers Home and Away
    • SPUSU Vienna Capitals Home and Away


    • Fixed a desync issue which was causing the opening faceoff to loop in some Online Games
    • Fixed an issue where players could see their opponent’s PSN ID/Gamertag before loading into a Competitive Seasons/HUT Champs games
    • Fixed an issue where Goalie Mask items may have become invisible when navigating the Apply Consumable screen
    • Fixed some issues where items may have not been properly revealed in Choice Packs

    Squad Battles
    • Save last-used difficulty as default (complete games only)
    • Now display ‘Possible Points’ for each opponent as difficulty is selected

    World of CHEL

    • Having heard the community feedback, we are reducing the requirements for the World of Chel weekly challenge card. Now, user will only need to complete a reduced number of the 5 columns to earn that week’s Special Reward.
    • Added a link to Edit Player from the Recent Items screen so the user doesn’t have to manually back out and enter the flow from the WoC HUB
    • Added the ability to have EA Custom Stock Team Branding uniforms be equipped by clubs. Stay tuned throughout the year for future uniform releases that can be earned by clubs through hockey bags.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the current leader in Ones was not displaying correctly after the user has won the final Ones Eliminator round
    • Fixed an issue where we display the wrong error message if a club is in a Threes Eliminator dressing room, and the session falls below the minimum users
    • Reskinned the “Waiting for All Users to Resume” screen that comes after the pause menu so that the text is more legible
    • Fixed various clipping issues and enabled several additional goalie intro animations that previously had clipping issues
    • Fixed a failed to retrieve data issue that could occur when trying to enter any Dressing Room without the Lead Profile
    • Fixed an issue where a user could crash upon another user closing the game while loading into gameplay
    • Fixed a timing issue where desnyc’s could occur when a Player Class Tuning file or a Gameplay Tuner Set upload happens while games are about to get underway from the Dressing Room
    • Fixed an issue where very long club names could overlap each other in the dressing room after matching up in a clubs game

  • Make it more realistic and not glitch goals
  • Lol. Three games in a row, there's been games where players bat the puck out of mid air and it has to go to Toronto. Geez EA. Come on now..
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