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AI like this must be showcased and called out (images)

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I can accept a lot of flaws in games: Graphics, bugs, ect., but gameplay like this is, in my opinion, unacceptable and requires priority attention, and it doesn't seem to be getting it. It never seems to get it over fluff like changing the font and colors every year.


Skater entering zone, enters zone with pretty much a clear breakaway and a path to the net. You try to tell me that 100/100 times that player doesn't go to the net.

Instead, EA has him go into a glide after entering, and literally steers into his would-be-beaten defender. I can accept pucks clipping through goalie pads over this display of poor programming and AI gameplay.


  • lol...
  • VeNOM2099
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    Well, at least he didn't smash into one of his teammates. That's a plus. Also it's obvious the game is in a good place gameplay wise. For who I don't know, certainly not someone looking to play hockey and have an honest challenge. But that's what we're told. So it must be true.
  • You're lucky that's all that happened. Typically when my AI teammate is in this situation, he passes it back to center for reasons unknown to anyone with a brain (and no, I'm not pressing the call pass button).
  • My favorite is my own AI teammate skating into him to make sure he loses either speed or posession. Wonder if we'll hear Devs excuse on this?
  • I love when your AI dman 'sees' a rush coming and decides to abandon the zone. Often not even for a line change. Creates a 2on1 against. This has been happening for oh... about ten years.

    This is equivalent to a baseball fielder abandoning a fly ball to stare at flowers or bugs.
  • My favorite is when my offensive teammate slowly drifts away towards the blue line on a 2-on-1 opportunity, totally ruining a potential cross-crease one T.
  • VeNOM2099
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    TR4N23 wrote: »
    My favorite is when my offensive teammate slowly drifts away towards the blue line on a 2-on-1 opportunity, totally ruining a potential cross-crease one T.

    How about when you're already IN the zone trying to setup a cycle and your AI teammate just backpeddles away from a loose puck resulting in a 2 on 1 rush the other way for a goal?

    Also, before someone mentions how I should've switched to the player manually and skated to the loose puck, notice that I actually DID try to switch players, but the game gave me the guy at the face off circle who was FURTHER away from the puck at the time than the point man as observed HERE in this follow up clip:

    Also, when I release the pass, it doesn't even go at the angle at which I was holding the stick even though I have my pass aim set to 15% and not 100%. By the time I was finally able to switch to the correct player, it was far too late. The final nail in the coffin comes as the 2nd AI player on the attack gets instant puck possession after a rebound on a ridiculous hard shot the goalie doesn't even bother to deflect to the corner. Just puts it right on his blade and the AI immediately dunks it in. No gathering the sudden loose puck. No bouncing. No delay.
  • BlueshirtQuinn
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    The AI has a ton of problems this year. Let me rattle off as much as I can.

    1.) PRO AI is the most realistic AI that EA has. Superstar is unfair and cheats the system, whereas AllStar just hot potato passes.
    2.) AI hates taking obvious shots. They'll twitch in the slot before deciding I'm going to pass it back to the blue line.
    3.) As soon as the AI loses possession in the offensive zone, the D men start SPRINTING BACK even though the other team hasn't necessarily grabbed possession yet.
    4.) AI is dumb. They frequently back pass instead of moving the play forward. Half the time the backwards pass finds its way onto the stick of an opposing AI in the defensive zone...who probably doesn't shoot it with a wide open lane.
    5.) AI is dumb. Often will turn puck over right in front of the goaltender. It seems if there's a puck battle in front of the goalie, the offense always wins.
    6.) AI is incapable of taking interference penalties.
    7.) AI is god at interceptions.
    8.) Despite the AI never shooting, they somehow end up with 40+ shots when vs another AI. This is because they take STUPID shots.

    Did I get everything?
  • The best is when your AI d-man comes barreling into the net full-speed and knocking the puck into your own goal...

    Why does THAT still happen?
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