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Jersey Spacing

Why do we always get this S P A C I N G between letters on the jerseys?

Also, apostrophes don't show up on jerseys. For example, O'REILLY = O R E I L L Y


  • I guess they would rather care about and detail face masks instead of fixing the numerous naming and uniforms mistakes players have been asking to be fixed for years.
  • Was this a problem before they switched to flag in a hurricane jersey physics in NHL15?
  • Kagamida
    46 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    Other significant jersey errors:

    Incorrectly stylized prefixes in surnames, see examples below:
    M C D A V I D instead of McDAVID

    M A C K I N N O N instead of MacKINNON

    For teams that have more than one player with the same last name, there is a period missing after the player's initial of their first name. For example in NHL 20, the name on Logan Brown's jersey is stylized as L B R O W N instead of L. BROWN.
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