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After 6 Years I Think It’s Time For Change EA.

This is going to be the most serious, constructive post I've made on the forums here.

Be a Pro is almost the only game mode I can play anymore in the NHL games. Online is filled with people rewarded for not knowing how to play the real game of hockey so I rarely play online anymore and in BaP it feels like real life sometimes in the fact against highest difficulty AI you need to be in good position and actually read and react to the play as your individual player, and personally I love that game play. And EASHL and Drop ins aren't the same for that as me because everyone still tries cheese tactics.

With BaP being the only playable mode to me it's painful to realize it hasn't really been touched since it went from Live the Life back to BaP when the game was stripped of everything when it went to next gen.

So here are some things I really think need to either be added, changed, or unfortunately re added to the game. In no particular order really.

Alternate Start Choices: I'll get this out of the way first because I think it would be a cool feature to be added but not necessary, the ability to start in a league that's not the CHL or the NHL right away. Like playing a season in the SHL or Liiga or DEL leagues among others in the east. I think that would also give more use to those leagues which are rarely ever used in the games.

Negotiating Contract: I believe you should be able to at least have a say in the negotiating process when it comes to contracts in BaP. I also believe that if you want to be a Matthews or a Nylander and ask way to much and ruin the ability to build a team around you, you should be able to do that. Even if right away the money doesn't do anything it definitely opens paths to at least explore that route.

Legend And Career Milestones: Bring back what you had way back in the day where you can compare your career to the greatest of all time and try breaking the records set by them. I think there should be a checklist for milestones like there used to as well.

Change Your Position: The ability to change at the very least from LW to RW would be an awesome feature to see, especially if you're a RW and get drafted to a team filled with RW, or at least the coach should ask if he can put you on the left to help with depth or something along those lines. Or if you decide mid career you want to be a D I think you should be able to, but the coach could reject your request to as well or something.

Bad Line Changes: This one is very frustrating especially when it ruins my team play grade. If you are not involved in the play and the play isn't in deep in your zone it is not a bad line change. If you are at the end of shift and play is gong back to your end and you're right by the bench, it's not a bad line change, it's actually quicker to line change because you're replacement can jump off before you get n the bench and he'd be more in the play than you, at least in real life. I also don't know if I'm the only one that runs into this or not but it's something I've noticed.

Small Useful Features Removed: For some reason in NHL 19 you removed the line change alert that would flash near your stamina bar letting you know you need to get off right away. For whatever reason that was removed now it only flashes near the bench and you can only see it when it's on your screen which is really only when play is going through the neutral zone. The removal of the shot counter in the sim screen I don't understand because it also lowered game play experience, it was nice to see right there if I should be trying to take more shots or need to play more solid defensively without having to pause the game.

More Realistic Special Teams: I also don't know if this is something I run into but it's extremely irritating, especially as a 120 point player on the first line and first PP. But essentially the coach isn't very good at managing his lines because 12 seconds into a period, and you draw a penalty, putting your team on the PP, the coach will take you off and put the second PP unit out there, even though they never score and it's a tie or close game, none of that seems to matter. A coach would never yank his first PP unit off 12 seconds into a period in favour of his second, unless the second unit is extremely hot at the moment.

Getting In Trouble For Offsides When It's Out Of Your Control: You know those awesome moments where the AI drags the puck, or dekes at the line, causing an offside, yea coach doesn't like you when they do that because it's all your fault. It even got to the point I was benched one game because I had -30% team play just for the offsides which were my fault maybe 2% of the time.

Coaching And Team Strategies: With the addition of the coaches in franchise mode, you guys should add coaches in BaP along with that everyone should have different strategies, just like they do in franchise. Along with that you should actually be able to see what strategies your team is running, especially on the PK and PP so that you don't cause the AI to run around because you don't know where you should be.

Cup Presentation/Presentation In General: This one is HUGE. Imagine how rough it is, playing through 7 grueling years on the hardest difficulty in NHL 19 on my Pro, coming so close year after year, just to get upset or choke at the last moment in the playoffs. Well the year we finally won it it was an epic run, we reverse swept in round 1, got revenge from last year in round 2, and absolute brutefest of a series going to 7 in round 3, and finally winning the cup against those damn leafs in 6 games. I was so excited to finally witness everything I've worked for finally paying off only to find out you don't get to watch your player hoist the cup!! What?? That's everything I was working for, to witness my created Pro finally fulfilling his dreams. At least he was in the team picture, but in the back and someone else was holding MY CONN SMYTHE trophy. It was a very upsetting end to what should have been celebratory. Along with that I think you could rally improve on the presentation in the offline modes. Re add the team entrances, you have the props but they uselessly hang from the ceiling. Give the crowd more energy, especially in the playoffs, add more cut scenes (It's an offline mode if people don't want to watch them they can simply skip them) You definitely don't need to add them in the online modes, but offline I really want that realistic, immersive experience


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