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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

We are going backwards with this series.

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So are we back in the "NHL 12 glory days" now, eh? Lol

the infamous hot potato passing in NHL 12

...and passing system in the latest NHL 20
(this vid captured by Venom)

And don't let me start with the presentation...

[Removed call out]
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  • Presentation? What presentation? You mean the replays that are pointless? Or the replay from the top row of the stadium that you can't even see what's happening on ice? Or the flashing seizure inducing power play logo on the bottom of the screen? I'm still waiting to see what they meant by "new" presentation.
  • We are going backwards with this series.

  • All I'm going to say is: EA probably got NHL 20 and Start Wars: Jedi Fallen Order confused with each other. :p
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