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Private Matches - Home Server Broken?

In previous years the room leader of the 1st team searching in a private match got the closest server. This no longer works in '20, west coast team almost always get an east coast server. This screws west coast players playing in leagues, usually the home team gets to search 1st, getting home ice advantage. EA?


  • Devs???
  • That was actually a bug last year. The team that searches first shouldn't get home server advantage, it should be based on the the locations of the people in the game. Specifically the bug was requested to be fixed by some leagues.
  • So west coast guys/lines/teams are screwed since most of the player base is on the east coast? It's not like the game chooses a server that is central to all players, it chooses an east coast server (usually an Ohio server) and west guys are pinging in the 80's while east guys are 15-30. It is not at all even.
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