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Nikita Gusev



  • So ... after all. Does anyone know when will be the first roster update?
  • Froommey
    800 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    First regular Season games starting at the beginning of Oct. Usually an update will come after all Teams played minimum one game. EA NHL compared with Fifa is very slow in this. Fifa updates are sometimes very quick. After view hours a new Player has played he is in with a photo and similar likeness, otherwise daily updates. Sometimes I think that at NHL is only one person working for the Rosters cause they come out very, very slow. Expect one about every 2 weeks. So expect the update with Gusev not before mid October. Need to say that if it will continue like the last years it will be a simple quick Player Card with no photo or similar looking appearance of the Player. You can create such Player easily in 10 minutes and mostly your created player look more similar as the EA one. It’s very sad, but NHL does not care much about Rosters.
  • Roster update to 1st october. Still no Gusev. :smiley:
  • Roster update to 1st october. Still no Gusev. :smiley:

    I do:expect him at the next update with no image, and if course a generic face. If you play offline?, you can create him.
  • tomgroney
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    Even more ridiculous for Rangers fans Oct. 1st update:

    Kakko still in LIIGA - though show on their Twitter in a Rangers Jersey

    No Adam Fox, Kratzov or Shestyorkin.

    I mean how long do we wait to start a franchise mode with a current roster. At least acknowledge and let fans know what and when a correct roster is out
  • Now Gusev is in. But his generic face is a joke....sorry EA.
  • Froommey
    800 posts Member
    edited October 2019
    Which Gusev ? I see only a generic bot far from his similar appearance who got his name. Same as Fox
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