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Squad Battle Idea

I was thinking that it would be cool to be able to raise the difficulty even higher than Superstar on SB. Not even to get more point or whatever, just for fun. I think it is too easy. If we could just add higher difficulty with the same objectives from Superstar, I would do it even if it is kinda unfair towards myself. I’m just bored of too easy games on Superstar, I would love it to be harder to score so that I don’t win 10-1 or ridiculous scores like that.


  • Kuus2
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    edited October 2019
    I think the opponent player ratings should increase by ranking. Forcing maybe some people to drop down from superstar when they reach high enough.

    But the again, as I showed in a video I posted in another thread related to this, the AI even on Superstar is lousy. You can freeze the game at will in their defensive zone by just stopping behind the net. If you keep forcing the AI to dump the puck to your end and prevent them from getting into your zone, the Superstar AI doesn’t seem any better than other levels.

    With higher quality AI and higher ratings SB could become truly challenging experience.
  • I like that idea of progressive difficulty. I would add that they should remove the replay option from the Superstar level, you got it the first time or you don’t. It would add more challenge to it and make it more fair. I say that because, some players replay a lot of the game and end up at the same place or a little higher in ranking than players who played them once. I don’t think it is quite fair. At least, make it that you don’t have all the points if you replay the game.
  • Replaying already has its risks. I think if the difficulty is higher more people will opt to replay with a lower difficulty. I don’t mind giving players two chances to earn the maximum points.
  • I’m ok with giving a chance to replay, but not for the same points. The problem is more if you compare two players in the standing, if two players have the same total of points, but one of the two have replayed some games and the other none. How is it fair for the player who played the game only one to be equally rewarded? Or even worst, if a player play 10 games and win the maximum of points without replaying any game, and get lower rating than a player who played eleven games with max points but replayed most of the games twice. He gets more points at the end (like 2000 something more), but replayed most games. Who should be the top player? In my opinion, the person with less replayed games. This is why I say that people shouldn’t get the same amount of points to replay games or just force them to replay on lower difficulty for the amount of points of the lower difficulty. Anyway, that is just my opinion. It might be too harsh.
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