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How I play D in Drop-ins

Here's what I've learned playing Defense in exclusively drop-ins for years.
(without the obvious "play your position, don't bring puck up yourself"

- Patience in the Offensive zone

You'll rarely touch the puck in the offensive zone. It's drop-ins and cycling/passing plays don't exist.
Hold the board when it's on your side, and stay high slot when it's on your other D's side. Wait for your opportunity to bail out your forwards and don't mess this up. As a D, you don't get a pass here. You cannot turn the puck over. If you're pressured, throw it at the net/down low. Don't be the "shoot the puck immediately" guy. Instead, look for the one-timer below the circles. Only D-D pass one timer if you're absolutely certain it's not getting picked off.

- Defense (or lack of)

I think I've found the most effective defensive strategy for taking the puck away or intercepting a cross
crease pass. Do nothing. Don't poke check. Don't stick lift. When the other teams forwards is racing down the ice get as close as you can to the puck carrier and let your animations go to work. If you're facing a 2 on 1 (which is a lot) stay directly in the passing lane you will cut off 99% of attempts.


  • Kuus2
    221 posts Member
    I would add ”gap control”. Stay on your guys’ stick, make him unavailable for a pass abd be ready to lift their stick. Sometimes this looks very aggressive in the offensive zone but actually slows down their counter.

    No reason to defend the empty defensive zone as some do.
  • Here's another suggestion:

    Don't go for hits. Use incidental contact instead. Why? Most players spam LT as you get near them and if you try to check, you miss and it takes 3 seconds for your player to "recover" from a missed check LMFAO.
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