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Cream coloured helmets?

I just noticed recently that white helmets are not actually white but more like cream coloured. A completely different colour than the white that are on jerseys. Initially I thought it had something to do with the colour settings on my new TV but then I saw my created team's white helmets were actually white - and also for some reason the Hartford Whalers Alumni Team also has proper white helmets. All other teams I've played with (NHL and Alumni teams) wear these ugly cream coloured helmets for their white jerseys.

Just tried NHL 19 and it's the same there.

Anyone else noticed this?

Small thing maybe but enough to annoy a guy like me.


  • yes, true, noticed it too. Playing mostly with the Sharks and their away helmets are cream colour as well :/
  • SvenArne123
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    Yep, it seems to be the case for most teams. Take a look at the picture and compare the white colours on the helmets. The left is Dallas and the right is a created team with proper white helmets. You can also compare the white on the jersey with the white on the helmet and you can see it's completely different.


    EA, it would be nice if you could fix this as it does look pretty bad. Should be quite a simple fix right?

  • Looked into it a bit more and it seems not to be the case for most NHL teams' adidas uniforms. Only Dallas, Florida, Detroit, San Jose seems to have cream coloured helmets for the away unis.

    However most of the vintage jerseys, alumni jerseys etc, has this.
  • I rock the cream Dallas top so it's fine by me.
  • Ok, so when I last posted the picture of the Dallas helmet it was actually fixed in the next update, so I'll try to do the same with the other four 19/20 NHL teams whose away helmets are still cream colored instead of white.

    So it's Montreal, Pittsburgh, San Jose, and Washington. Please fix these also, if not for NHL 20 then atleast for NHL 21. Thanks





  • the reason this was the case for some teams is because it was actually accurate to their real-life set. for some reason this nhl season is the first where the white of the helmets matches the jerseys. it sounds silly but you can watch film from this year and past years and you'll notice a difference. must be new paint or something
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