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NHL 21 wishlist.


  • 1) Dedicate real time and energy to levelling out HUT so that each player gets the same gameplay experience instead of one skating in sand and the other skating on rocket skates.

    2) Replay big saves etc between whistles instead of crowd shots.

    3) Allow players to assign defensive positions to AI in certain situations. When my opponent is always going RW then throwing cross crease passes I want my AI to tie up the receiving forward and shadow him rather than stand aimlessly half way between the two.

    4) Stop the tripping spam. It's possible to shot block without tripping a player.

    5) Go for a little more realism. Player scrums and more realistic hitting impacts rather than bizarre bounce offs.
  • My wish list(mostly about CHEL)
    1. Build on the player progression for CHEL. More player traits that make more of a difference and skills as well. I prefer custom builds but these have been heading in a good direction over the cookie cutter builds.
    2. Improve the checking to make hits bigger and back to being able to check over the boards and through the glass.
    3. Allow us to choose our own AI players in the dressing rooms to suit our play style. Allow us to pick a defensive defensemen if we want a stay home dman.. a sniper for more scoring on the wing.. etc.
    4. Remove the replays in CHEL and enough with all the custom pregame stuff. Id rather see more celebrations than pregame taunts.
  • I know that I already made a wishlist, but there is one more thing I'd like to see.

    In Franchise mode, it would be cool to have banners for when teams win the Stanley Cup or when players retire their number. Maybe even a presentation ceremony to go with it. Thanks!
  • Well, for like the 5th year in a row, I’ll start off with roster sharing. It long past time EA adds it.

    Again, for like the 5th year in a row, I’ll advocate for a goalie mask editor. Give us 8-10 templates where we can change the colors of the designs and the ability to slap a logo on the crest. Anything even remotely close to that would be far better than the default “custom” masks they have now.

    There’s a lot more that I’d like to see added, but I’ll keep this short and request one last thing for now.

    I’d like to be able to assign NO play by play name in CAP when the name I’m looking for isn’t available. It’s really frustrating trying to find names that are similar, and even more frustrating when none of them are even close. If we can assign no team name in CAT, then we should be able to do it in CAP.

    Oh, and I forgot, why do we HAVE to have a mascot for a created team? Two years ago, it was optional. Now it’s mandatory. It wouldn’t be that bad if they had more options, but we’re stuck with the same old 10-11 lame mascots that have been in the game for years.
  • 1. World junior hockey championship in be a pro (CHL)
    2. Add custom logos
    3. Can be traded in be a pro (CHL)
    4. Prospects game in franchise mode
    5. Custom goalie helmets
  • Custom music.
  • TylerSJI
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    This post got long but bear with me because I love this game for the most part and have thought this through.

    Focus on improving the simulation aspects above all else at the highest simulation/difficulty settings. Save the arcade play where you carry the puck end to end then roll off checks in the offensive zone for lower setting levels. I find it disappointing to figure out how to win at a high rate at the highest difficulty/simulation settings, and it's by being a puck hog offensively and defensively by focusing on not taking penalties by infrequently using poke check and stick lift while hoping for the best.

    Improve the ability to actively defend against puck carriers. As it stands you need to focus on good positioning (fine) and pray they don't have a pass to an undefended player or dangle through you because you must exercise excessive caution when you want to poke check or stick lift. Both cause too many penalties unless used from ideal positions (which sounds like a skill issue but if you're not in an ideal position for one of these animations, even close to head on, then you have no way to actively defend without causing too many penalties especially tripping penalties). I can walk around the CPU and the CPU walks around and through me leading to excessive scoring from spinning off checks and going towards the net, too much scoring from around the net shooting/one-timers, and not enough focus on passing/board play/shooting from the point (tipping and screening could also use buffs here).

    More than anything poke check needs to be a bit stronger and cause less penalties.

    Maybe if there was some way you could swipe at the stick blade and puck and it was built into the stick lift button and when 'stick lift' was used from the front the computer chose the best option between swiping/slashing or stick lifting. Or--perhaps more easily done--after a successful stick lift from the front, instead of one player or the other getting the puck almost all of the time, have a scrumming animation and it gets swiped towards the boards/blue line or to the side depending on whether the defender or offensive player swipes at the puck.
  • My main request is to go back to NBCSN or some type of realistic broadcast company. This years game has annoying goal overlays that make all kinds of noises that are unnecessary. I played the game on EA Access and decided not to purchase it and went back to NHL 19. At least that game had real-life broadcast overlays and the NBCSN licensing. I think taking that out this year was a major step back. I also don't understand why goal songs of all things were taken out when you had them in previous games. EA makes plenty of money to keep licenses for all 31 teams and even some teams use the same songs so it is not like you have to license it per team I would think. Please focus on making NHL 21 as close to the real product that we see on tv and not this arcade like game you have gone to. Also a PC version is a must. I have moved to PC and my consoles will just sit there until next gen and I feel that EA needs the NHL game on PC much like its counter parts in football and soccer. I don't understand the hesitation for NHL on PC since it is all downloaded now through origin and requires zero hard copies to be made. Well those are my thoughts. Thank you for your time.

  • 1)improved AI that think smarter and play more similarly to human players
    2)better and more realistic game fixes where stupid things like L2ing will lose control of the puck at high speeds, one handed tucks are incredibly difficult to pull off, etc.
    3)real goalie threat analysis
    4)focus away from hut on other game modes
    5)setting a realistic ambience of hockey. In between whistle stuff, be it commentary talking about cool stats of players, teams and how they're doing lately/throughout the season, animations about teams chirping each other on the bench, introducing the code of hockey into the game, developing live rivalries, etc.
    6)now that drafting is pretty balanced in franchise mode, improving the drafting experience to something that doesn't display A+ to D- in stats but whether scouts think that their skating is elite, nhl ready, average, needs improvement, etc. Creates a more realistic report and will challenge us to scout certain players longer than others throughout the year and can make us hone in on the wrong guy/right guy from the get go. Also something along the lines of "This player has the tools to develop into an NHL player but they're still years away from making the league" or something like that.
    7)other franchise mode balancing like making acquiring free agents more of a challenge, making coaches more eager to sign assistant roles but for much larger sums of money because they don't want that role but would rather have a job than not
    8)franchise new ideas like developing a rivalry system. Teams that have consistently beaten you can have a -1 overall team rating effect, a team that injured your star player last game gives a +3 to body checking stats on your team, +2 to the overall of the team stats for the team that beat you last year in the playoffs when you meet again the playoffs (makes slaying the dragon harder as it often is). Have a world junior tournament that helps with scouting. Games are only allowed to be watched/simmed though in Franchise mode (for scouting purposes). I think this would make it fun and would add a level of authenticity to the draft. For be a pro obviously make it so that you play in them. Make veterans on the team matter. A team littered with only young players will stunt their growth. Have certain veterans who have achieved things like cup runs/played on good teams help mentor their line mates and speed up their ability to reach their potential faster. I think by adding in something like badges would be really cool for this series. One could be a mentor badge that increases the speed of youth players to reach their potential overall faster if they play on the same line, minor improvements to team bonus in this category. One could be a warrior badge that when a player blocks a shot, gives the line a minor energy boost. Team player badge, gives a small morale boost to entire team. Superstar badge, increases the offensive/defensive awareness by +8 of his linemates. Lots of possibilities.
    9)adding NCAA and other junior leagues rights
    10)roster sharing
    11)suspensions in franchise/be a pro mode with realistic injuries (not just a big hit causing a random injury like broken foot)
    12)improve physics further
    13)be able to deke while skating! High speed dekes will be more prone to lose the puck though as they do in real life
  • Socair
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    I’ve removed more off topic, non legitimate wishes. Please keep it focused on the game, not the devs.
  • No more waiting for users crap, find a way to make the game never stop. Show the players skating up to the face off etc instead of showing the helicopter!
  • MaxPac67 wrote: »
    Custom music.

    Yeah. Custom Music would be nice.
  • A Nintendo Switch port would be cool to see.
  • A few that I have here that others have already said, but I might as well put my hat in the ring.

    2) Especially in terms of the Goalie, TOO MANY TIMES has a rebound resulted into a goal. Make the ratings actually matter.
    3) Customize Goalie Masks
    4) Improve a bit on commentary, make more note when someone is near a milestone, or if someone is about to break a record.
    5) IMPROVE Be A Pro, and make it seem worthwhile for the people
    6) Have championship banner raises as well as retirement jersey ceremonies in Franchise Mode

    7) Have tendencies (more so for CAP, etc.) of how often a person shoots, how often they draw penalties (ala 2K), and even edit their personality (Franchise) and make them either committed to winning, or going for the money.
    8) Roster Sharing
    9) More legends and Throwback teams
    10) Importing your own music for your personal soundtrack (ala MLB The Show)
  • 1) possibility to edit regens (name, potential, face, mensurations, etc) in franchise mode (as in Madden)

    2) possibility to create a tournament (as in FIFA)

    3) more variety of entertainment during the match

    4) improve the atmosphere with custom music (as in NHL 13)

    5) player face in profile for regens in franchise mode (as for coachs)

    6) improve bench's animations (coach, head spinning players)

    7) possibility to choose europeans/IIFH points systems (wins w.o ot 3 pts, wins with ot 2pts, lose with ot 1 pt, lose w.o ot 0 pt)

    8) if possible, adding U.S.H.L, Extraliga Slovakia or more international teams (Slovenia, Hungary, South Korea). Of course KHL system (with VHL and MHL) who is no longer a meace for NHL

    9) possibility of fixing the cap space in franchise mode at the beginning)

    10) improve shootout
  • [quote="WainGretSki;c-2093959"]This is my only demand really, considering the rest is fluff and whatnot:

    Please add accountability to the forwards.

    Thank-you, that is all. [/quote]
  • Taking out the prospect teams
    Adding in the WJC -20 teams
    Adding in USports league
  • [quote="callahan244life;c-2108403"]Taking out the prospect teams
    Adding in the WJC -20 teams
    Adding in USports league[/quote]
    Adding in USHL
  • 1, Be able to start out in the European leagues in be a PRO.

    2, Be able to play several seasons in a row in the European leagues.

    3, Be able do get downgraded to/upgraded from the second league in Sweden.

    4, Be able to get drafted from the european leagues.
  • WOC needs to be human player based. Last night I played a game with 6 humans, their team had 1 CPU who scored 3 goals, we lost 4-3. Yesterday a team went 92-2 in threes mode using a cpu teammate. The CPU is so unbalanced and does things in this game that a human can't do that it makes you not want to play. I can't even convince my friends to buy this anymore because of the CPU. Keep CPU competent in other modes but there's NO reason they should be far superior to top ranked players in a mode designed for human players to play with human players. Look at 2k's success and how awful they make CPU players in pro am. They're doing it the right way EA.

    I think more needs to be added in WOC. The player builds have run their course! Once again, take a page out of 2k's book. Give us the ability to create a guy (height and weight can determine max physical attributes) allow us to start a career as a kid being looked at by scouts playing pond hockey or something. Our achetype will be based on what attributes we give our player. We are given an empty slot for our specialty and can pick the first. (Say we start as a 60 ovr or something) at 75 ovr we get a second and at 90 we get a third. Traits shouldn't be in the game.. just specialties. After pond hockey we move to CHL (each season is extremely shortened) maybe just 5-10 games, next you get drafted (you can select your fav team or just allow the game to decide based on performance) next you play in AHL until you get called up (based on performance) (difficulty should be locked in this mode so we can evaluate players somewhat based on their stats and report card) once you captain an NHL team you may adjust the roster some and lines/minutes. Allow us to sign deals with an outfitter so we can get all the gear we want quickly. Immerse us in a world like 2k does. I like playing eashl, I like playing threes eliminator, I play pro am when more is added. Having a be a pro to go along with all of this would be awesome!

    Threes changes
    - Drops should be able to choose position
    - loading screen should show not just player build but height/ weight/ position/ specialties
    - CPU should be worse or we can only search for teams with 3 players. I honestly have to take long breaks from this game due to how poorly the devs have programmed CPU. Because they can't program good positioning they just boost their stats insanely.
    - fix the fact we can only win so many finals before our account is locked
    - fix the bluescreen issue where people get kicked for no reason
    - fix the issue where people are getting stuck behind the net
    - make it to where the puck can be taken when someone is laying on it

    Eashl changes
    - pass/ shot interceptions should be turned down heavily! (Should NOT affect threes by doing so because that mode is in a good place in the respect)
    - CPU players need to be toned down. Imagine if goalies were bad, we might have more humans wanting to learn! As it stands now we know CPU goalies are far better so most people don't want to play. We also have thousands of clubs playing with 2 guys THIS IS BECAUSE THE CPU BAILS THEM OUT. They will complain about CPU affectiveness because they want to be bailed out even further!!! Make CPU worse and what happens?? Players convince friends to buy so that they don't have to play with CPU, players actively find other humans to play with, players learn that they have to position well because a human might not be quick enough to pick up a soft spot like CPU did, less glitch goals if we have human tendys, the game becomes MUCH more fun for everyone in almost every aspect. Making CPU bad would help out this game in SO many ways.
    - add the ability to search for clubs. Or clubs to search for pros. Every player should have a report card. The card shows a players stats in threes,
    chel BAP(see above) and eashl. It shows teammate grade, their build and stats. This will allow us to send a club invite to the guys we like.
    -fix faceoff glitch where people change controller settings!!!
    - honestly I feel the ice needs to be a bit bigger in 6's (maybe I'm wrong?)
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