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The problem with fairness adjustment

So players are sabotaging the hut mode and EA is asleep at the wheel.

EA are you really not playing the game modes? Are you only focused on putting out more hut cards?

Last game player played 3 gold cards, 4 bronze cards and the rest silver cards. This person is clearly an experienced player just ruining the mode. The entire game this person tried to solely rely on the game engines fairness advantage. Entire game style was 90% the turn your back exploit. Because of "balancing" their cards won 11/16 draws against my Crosby and Bergeron face off specialists. I'm familiar with the skilled faceoffs. The slowdown and management of my team was nearly non functional.

So now with fairness/balancing muting my players the game is nothing more than watching this player toggle/wiggle his way up the ice hoping I'll bite and trip him or pull myself out of position...but I didn't I skillzoned him instead.

So finally after dreadful play I get a cross crease play and lead 1-0. A few minutes later a pass attempt is made across the crease for him clearly a missed pass but my goalie grabs it as it goes by and it's vacuumed into the net by its own accord. Ah the pleasures of balancing. Free goal ties it. So on and on we go I play a decent game get a point shot deflection goal which is waved off but at least reviewed. The review shows the goal is completely legit and it counts. That's as far as scoring went in this game. It was near impossible to counter those terrible cards because of fairness/balancing

EA if you do not make proper matchmaking this will be how the mode plays out and we will all quit and never come back. I am not playing another single game of that if I do it's my last.

Balancing is a nice concept however the assumption that new inexperienced players are using lesser cards is a false presumption. Your mode is getting pawned by experienced players taking advantage of the balancing and you are asleep at the wheel.

It's critical you remove fairness/balancing and let the cards behave as they should. It's critical you fix matchmaking so you get true balancing of games and players.


  • natedam
    3 posts New member
    edited October 2019
    This game mode is crap at its finest. How do you put out 93+ speed and accel cards in offense and minimize the speed to defense. I'm so sick of people just crashing the net with fast players for a backdoor goal that's literally what every game is and your forced to join them or continuously lose
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