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HH Synergy

How many points do we need to activate it? 6?


  • I'm pretty sure 4 is what I saw.

    I bought the pack with the guaranteed player and noted that it would be active if I complete the Dion Phaneuf set. Which is a real gut punch because I rerolled the Dion Phaneuf base card in a set not that long ago. I like him so I think I will complete his sets but at only 84OVR we'll see how long he lasts.
  • I have 2 HH and the Synergy is activated.
  • It is four, yes. I don’t know why it was not showing on Friday. I pulled Hedman from the blue pack and upgraded my Chelios, but nothing was turning green. In the glossary there was nothing about HH when I looked, but now it is all working fine and showing like it should.

    Thanks you for the answers.
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