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Full day no lag!

Holy crap. I played all day today with 0 lag. Wow. I actually was able to fully control my player, with quick reactions. As a Defenseman, this was insane. All my games were intense. Anyone else get lucky today?


  • poqwe
    2 posts New member
    Hut online season games have always been working quite well for me, but eashl has occasionally had some lag. But since the latest update both the eashl and the new rivals hut game mode has weird network issue. The network chart shows that every 20 sec I get huge ping values, something like 300-600 ms! This makes it impossible to play the game when it occurs.

    Not every game has it but I haven’t had that many game sessions yet after it first happened.

    This was also an issue with nhl 19 at some point but I can’t remember if it was resolved by some NHL Game update or was it a server side fix

    But unfortunately seems like yet another old bug that has appeared now also in nhl 20
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