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Error. Failed to retrieve data; please try again later. Error code: EE7437DD91E858E5...

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I constantly get this error code going into HUT and it's becoming an every day thing and I'm losing my mind. I'm sure other people are getting it, and for someone who only plays HUT and spent money on packs, this is unacceptable. I've contacted EA support twice and all of their troubleshooting tips have not worked. I've restored my licenses, rebuilt my database, constantly restart my PS4 and close apps and still nothing. PLEASE HELP!!!


  • Socair
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    Looks like this has been happening for a few folks. It’s being investigated so hopefully it will get sorted soon. Sorry I don’t have an immediate solution for you, but just wanted to let you know that it’s a known issue and the team is looking into it.
  • Thank you. I hope they can get it figured out and I hope we are compensated for the time loss.
  • I have this problem as well, really frustrating.

    One thing that has sort of worked for me is deleting my PS4 profile and creating it again. That seems to reset it and I’m able to log into HUT again. But then the next day, the error code pops up again. So I’ve been doing that for the last week or two to get around the error code, but it’s been really frustrating.

    Settings->Login Settings->User Management

    This works most of the time, sometimes I have to do it twice or restart. Not a solution, but hopefully this can at least help anyone locked out be able to log in.
  • It's happening for me most times I try to enter HUT, I have to turn off the game, turn it back on and try again to get in.
  • yea it did that to me at least 5 times since last week. I reboot my console and it's back to normal.
  • fstein66
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    The fact is that we shouldn't have to be doing this every day to get it to work. There needs to be a permanent fix rather a temporary one! I've wasted so much time trying to reset stuff and =do these troubleshooting fixes that aren't 100% accurate.
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