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Goalie stats are way off in play now

Hello everybody,

I recently noticed at the beginning of the game presentation for play now mode that the goalie stats are coming up wrong. Can you please look into this EA?



  • When I started my season the stats were no longer career stats they were bizarre....like they played 6-7 games only. I say it all the tine. Every thing they fix in a patch they break two other things........Smfh.
  • Second time I noticed same now. But it isn't every game. And it is not home/away game thing like that first career goal bug.
  • I´ve noticed this Problem in every game in Franchise Mode. Both goalies have the same statistic. thats terrible.
  • Bump

    Ok so I’m playing as Pittsburgh and I’m versing Edmonton in play now mode and as I’m watching the presentation stats of the goalies it displays that Matt Murray has a career record of 21-16-6 which is obviously wrong. Any new updates on this issue? Will it be fixed?
  • In Franchise both goalies display the home goalie's stats.
  • I've seen the presentation stats show the same for both teams.

    My goalie stats for the season are wrong. 21 games in, My 2 goalies wins for the season don't add up to my total wins and i've only used those 2 goalies.
  • They also say it's a players first career goal when they have been in the league for years.
  • Skaters stats are wrong as well. When you right click on a player the stats initially shown are incorrect. RB into his career stats shows his correct stats.
  • bryta47
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    edited November 2019
    The game is a copy + paste product since several years back, yet it's still a buggy, unfinished mess. How is this possible?
  • I hope they start fresh for next gen. This gen's copy + paste game still have bugs from last gen.
  • Iennda
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    As someone has said, it's also an issue for skaters. They highlight someone's first goal when they have scored before. Or they will show a player during an intermission with stats that are in no way significant (not like they just scored their 1000th point or something, it will be just random numbers), but also they are not their actual career stats. How is this broken when it worked absolutely fine in NHL19?
  • Good luck to us who think it has a chance to be fixed this year.
  • For me those things are awful to look at, especially since they worked for 2 decades! :o
    It is a shame, EA! :(
  • Bug is still present post patch. Must be very complicated to get rid off.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Can you all let us know if you're still experiencing this after the January 30th update?
  • Can you all let us know if you're still experiencing this after the January 30th update?

    Yes the bug is still there.
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