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To many goals being allowed...

It seems goalies are having a hard time stopping easy shots. Also there are a couple of glitchy spots that you can score from 90% of the time. One that is ridiculous,is shooting from a crazy angle, like past the icing line. Please look at and address. Thanks


  • Remember this game is made for the forwards it's not made for defense or goalies it's all about the forwards
  • Well that explains alot since I play D. Bummer, this game had potential.
  • The goalies literally are trash from 19. They don’t react to cross crease. They let in almost any wrist shot. They’re slow and still let in trickles. The back hand is way too overpowered now. Even the slowest deke makes the goalie go way out of place. Takes no talent anymore. Scoring is much easier for all the people in the past who suck and can’t score. The goalies in 19 stopped a higher volume of shots and players who were actually good danglers scored that way. Now someone skating and deking like a grandma makes the goalie dive into the bench and their terrible backhand goes in. 19 felt much smoother skating. Hitting was smoother to line up and now when u hit someone they don’t even lose the puck you bounce straight off. The gameplay needs to be tweaked all around. And specifically the goalie needs to have better than a 2 out of 99 overall
  • TeeMan69X
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    The forwards won't play if defense is stronger. Everybody quits every game and it's so annoying it's like just play the game if you lose you lose if you win you win just play the game.

    Bottom line is that there has to be something done with people that quit the game!!!!

    If someone sucks. At their position then the coach AKA AI coach should and put them on the bench and watch the rest of the game there should be no reason for quitting out of a game unless you turn your console off
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