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man is there cheats out for this game?just was up 4 goals 3rd period guy paused game came back blasted 6 goals insanly fast


  • Na it’s just what you do if your losing. Call timeout, and then your team plays beastly. Another thing they have to change about this game.
  • was crazy this year seems very horrible it seems the better your team is the worse they play
  • Gotta make the game fair no matter the division or devotion... ea logic
  • Had the same thing happen to me.

    Was up 3-0 in 3rd. Timeout. Guy enters the zone and throws it at the net, 1-0. Then goes to the halfway, throws at net, uo in the air and falls in net. 3-2. 2 shots later and literally in 40 seconds I’m losing 4-3 somehow.

    The whole 3rd period scoring is ridiculous
  • Diaperware
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