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Thoughts and questions from a rather new player

Hi. I'd like to write down some thoughts about the game, HUT in particular, after playing the game for about 1 ½ year. (including most of 2019 aswell)

2019 I was in Div 1 (got tim horton and such)
2020 currently div 5 (cause I play rivals much more. Diamondleague here)

1. I'm having alot of problems getting my opponents pass intercepted. I place myself straight in line of what the puck is about to come, but I feel that I rarely intercept the puck, making their crosspass infront of the goalie to a onetimer always score.

2. When I pass, and I do pass with my joystick on right or left for a quicker more precise pass, I feel my opponents, whether it's AI or the player controlling the player always intercept the puck. EVEN when they are with their backs aganist the puck, just putting the stick out like they've got eyes in their neck.

3. Taking the puck from another player without lifting stick, poking or hitting. This rarely happens for me against my opponent. But when I've got the puck, and I do try to cover it as much as I can, it only takes them a little little bump, and the puck is loss, and they can take it. This is done by both the player and the AI.

I watch alot of youtube to learn about the game, and how to score, how to defend and such, but I have yet to found something about passinterceptions, which makes me wonder, am I the only one having issues with this?

I've got a pretty good team (yes i've bought some cardpacks for real money) and I'm well aware of synergies, good and bad player (even tho their score) and lineups etc. Yet I feel like I'm playing against people with thousands of more player score than me, just cause they can just stand infront of my players taking the puck without any problems.

This forces me into frustration, since I feel like I'm trying too much to get too little out of it.

I could go on ranting about how hardcore-tryhard people are every game, just searching for the onetimers across the board, every single game. But this is the art of the game, and if they know the can score, they will score. (I just found it boring to search for one and only opportunity every single game to score) where I myself are trying to score in different ways alot, just to have more ways of doing it.

I don't mind losing, not at all. Especially not against players, which there are many of, that really are just better than me.

But the fact that I can't really play the game without losing the puck in such easy ways, and that my passes never go through, and my opponents passes always does. (I don't have any evidence on this, but I feel sometimes my defenders are just sleeping when the puck goes through them, or right beside them, not even caring to use their stick to stop it). This makes me having less enjoyment in the game for sure.

Is this a matter of connection? I know it's peer-to-peer and I've heard some people speaking about that passinterceptions and such can be affected by this. Honestly if that's the case I'm shocked that an online game can have those kind of interactions. (I'm 100/100 internet btw).

Thanks for your time, and answers. And I'm sure alot of people will just throw out "L2P issues" and that's prolly just true, but I think I've got the game in a pretty good shape myself.


  • EA_Blueberry
    4798 posts EA Community Manager
    Is there any way you can upload a clip of your gameplay so we can get a good visual of where your players are positioned when you're trying to pass or intercept the puck from the opponents? The position of where all your teammates are is important and in some cases where your passes are getting intercepted it might be better to flick the puck off the boards down the ice instead.

    Hopefully some others can jump in with some tips on passing too which can make for a great discussion.
  • Big tip on passing... Learn to use the saucer pass in situations like that. Mastering that will go a long way
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