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No happy medium between pro and all star

Pro is why too easy and all star is way to hard.
Having a hard time messing with sliders to make this game enjoyable.


  • I always found all star the worst in most of the nhl games. It seems they nerf your ai to make it harder. At least in superstar your ai plays decent hockey so you have options
  • Thanks I'll try that cant be any worse then all star lol
  • Thanks I'll try that cant be any worse then all star lol

    This may sound crazy but Superstar plays the best.
  • I've heard that as well. Superstar plays pretty good. However, I feel that PRO plays the most 'realistic', but it is easy. EA has never been able to give us a happy medium in this game.
  • Same issue here....PRO too easy, ALL-STAR too aggressive and unrealistic for me.
    I tried out Cycloniac's sliders. I think they are quite good, at least better than EA's original ones (my opinion). They play best at PRO (I level up the cpu difficulty to 6/6). You could find them in Operation Sports forum. Anyhow, will try out EA's originals on Super Star as well, but probably way too strong for my skills :wink:
  • Cycloniac's sliders and roster edits are great for CPU v CPU games. His rosters in general are great. But playing on PRO is definitely not for HUM v CPU if you want a competitive balanced game.
  • Thanks I'll try that cant be any worse then all star lol

    This may sound crazy but Superstar plays the best.

    This feels like the case for squad battles in hut. Haven't played Allstar in a few months now though. So can't say for sure if I just got better, or it legitimately is easier/better on superstar.
  • boumbidiboum
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    It is not easier on Superstar. Not much harder though, it is mostly just faster and give the cpu opponent a boost (if you have the same player than the cpu, theirs will play better than you because the sliders are slightly in their favour). I think that some people like the quicker gameplay speed and therefore, it is easier for them. Others prefer a slower pace game, and it is why they prefer the lower difficulties. Game speed aside, all the other things are easier the lower the difficulty is (Scoring Goal, Passing, Controling the Puck, etc...)

    What you can do to make one difficulty harder or easier, is to either nerfed you player or the cpu in the slider when you play offline. You can slower the game speed on harder difficulty or the opposite on lower difficulty. What I do is that I choose the difficulty that I like (Superstar for me) and go in the slider and adjust everything how I want it to be. If I think that shooting precision is to high for me or cpu, I lower it, etc... You try it and adjust. It takes time but it is the best to get the game to be as hard as possible for you or as realistic as possible.
  • EvanAshopenace
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    omg! am getting wasted in all-star goalies mode in be a pro, he is right all-star is really hard LOL!, i mean not just hard, but so hard that, they leave me begging for mercy :neutral: and am almost cryin' sometimes ., so u say superstar is best one to go to now ?, do u suggest that ?, please suggest something man, i am desperate!, :<
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