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Spengler Cup Tournament

Thank you for having added the Spengler Cup tournament by the recent update. I really like it how it is represented in the game with the (mostly) licenced jerseys, licenced stadium, sponsors.

However, I found a bug in the commentary. The team Salavat Yulaev Ufa is called as "Magnitogorsk" by James Cybulski. Metallurg Magnitogorsk participated in Spengler Cup last year. So I hope EA could correct the commentary.

Furthermore, even though I appreciate this addon I would like to see the possibility to customize the Spengler Cup rosters. Same as we can do for Champions League teams.


  • Im also pleased about oldest tournament addition. But pls make it playable. As was mentioned above but also Salavat is wearing Trinec jersey and why I have complain about careness from EA side - same glitch was there last year. They are not aware of previous mistakes. Pls EA fix it. Otherwise I think nhl20 is quite good game.
  • @lytko22
    To have correct jerseys you need to download and activate latest roster update. Then jerseys should be fine. Unfortunately Trinec does not have the sponsor (Calanda) on it, only blank space. I think it's a licence problem with this beer brewer company called Calanda. 3rd year in a row they are the only sponsor that is not printed on the jersey ingame.

    @Calanda bosses: please give the license rights to EA....as long as you don't I will never ever buy and drink a beer of your company.
  • Thanks darkryd3r
  • darkryd3r
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    edited January 2020
    @EA: again, it“s great to have Spenger Cup now in the game.
    However, I hope that the rosters will be updated soon to the correct ones.
    And also some helmet colours are still wrong —>
    Ambri (away and home = white)
    Ufa (away = white)

    By the way, congratulations to Team Canada for the great win of the 93rd Spengler cup.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4836 posts EA Community Manager

    An official date hasn't been confirmed for the next patch/update, but historically the updates for this game drop month to month to set some expectations. Congratulations to Team Canada!
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