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Mauricio "Shogun" Rua - Performance Review

So, I got this Spotlight fighter with my daily tokens few days ago. I have been playing with him after that in the Heavyweight Division. Someone might be thinking if he is worth it or should you save your tokens for other stuff? I'm here to give you some insights on him and help make a decision if he is worth the prize.

His style is Striker so that makes his stand-up premium level with little lower health/stamina stats and usually you get some holes in the grappling department. Shogun is a bit different animal though.

He has plentiful of stand-up slots with 15 and very good base stats. I was able to get in my favorite moves and max out most of the stats. As per usual you go low on Switch Stance. If you have plenty of cards with different stat bases you might be able to hit 100 in everything without too many compromises. I did not make any compromises and got myself 100s and one 90s stats which basically means maximum stats in the game play department.

He has built in roundhouse kick Level 3 so that is a nice plus. You always want something on head kick department so its a "brawler style" free slot for something else when that kind of a move is built in. I used my free slot to equip overhand strike. Very useful in the Heavyweight Division for sure.

He has normal 10+5 in the boost/perks department. Compared to Brawlers who have GREAT stuff here, he didn't suffer major setbacks. You miss a few points here and there or maybe can't get Heart up in the upper 80s, but I don't see anything ground breaking that would help out Brawlers too much here.

Grappling is surely a difference maker compared to other strikers. He has 9 slots if my memory serves me right so it goes 1:1 with Brawlers. You get very similar stats with your cards, maxing out BOT-SUBD-SUBO and getting good stats on TOP-CLINCH too. This is very good as at least for me that one slot makes a big difference. If you are going with 8 you need to sacrifice Clinch in a major way, but Rua has that extra slot AND he has high base Clinch stat. Major plus here!

Most important thing for me is the feel fighter has inside the octagon. You are comparing him to Wanderlei Silva obviously as he is the go-to fighter right now. No surprising news here - Wanderlei is more agile and faster fighter. But Rua is definitely up there if not the second best fighter after Wanderlei on that department too. He moves well and his strikes come out nicely. I'm feeling that the biggest adjustment is on the kicks where I was wiffing a lot more than I used to with Wanderlei. That will mostly get better as you learn the dos and donts of his range and abilities to connect with leg stuff.

The plus for Rua is that he has better reach than Wanderlei so you don't need to get as close as you do with Silva. And if you are pressured Rua is fast enough to survive those situations and get some countering in. When playing with Overeem or even Chuck Liddell you are struggling a bit in the close distance against pocket fighters like Silva or even Cormier.

So compared to other than Silva Rua is very nice as far as movement and strike speed goes. Definitely outlasts Gustafsson by a mile. Can't say about Cro Cop other than I beat one Cro Cop silly yesterday. Bishop prolly is there with him, but loses on the stats and built in moves I think. So for me Rua is a good addition to my HW stable.

That is my two cents. Any other opinions on Rua?


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