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Master fighter no husks?

As far as I can see there is no way to continue upgrading your master fighter from last crossover event as you don't have any husks to fill the slots. Where as fighters from last event where I didn't upgrade to master level I still have their husks and can continue to upgrade them this event. Am I missing something or if you have a master fighter you are forced to begin from the start again?


  • Gotta start all over again
  • We have to start all over again to get 1 or 2 additional slots ? Nice joke but im not surprised.
  • This event sucks but I like the daily xmas packs so far.
  • I had no master fighters from last time, yet I did have some husks that were usable. Make of that what you will.
  • What was the first daily Xmas pack? Missed that one
  • Meh all the fighters are trash anyways, i’m just going after moves and not dropping any coin on this event, lame garbage event.
  • Rumor is that this is the last event for UFC 3
  • The fighters are nothing to write home about. Bishop is looking decent, but you can have same level dude in Rua from Spotlight.

    CM Punk is a very decent fighter and his 15 Level Balanced card would trump anything seen thus far. But many of us already have Master CM Punk and not getting husks for it really screws us over. One for the EA boys yet again. Thanks mates!

    Moves it is, but as the packs do not seem to drop any seasonal moves or fighters its all about hunting for shards. And 1:8 rate is a killer for that. So unless the x-mas packs don´t drop heavy we are pretty much screwed. Best strategy is to stash your wildcards and just get as much stuff you can. Then on the last days you can figure out what moves you have best chance to get and make those 3-for-1 trades then for other stuff and hope to hit what you need. Maybe two moves or for very active players 3 moves is realistic.

    Lets hope they give us something more on this on the coming weeks.
  • Not even trying on this event and I have a level 6 Isaac Frost lead hook and level 3 Frost fighter, i might go after some cards after I see what they drop for the holidays. This event goes like 2 and a half months, lots of time to get stuff but I don’t feel like grinding after the last couple events.
  • Its the last campaign on UFC 3 so you better grind.
  • Paltsari wrote: »
    Its the last campaign on UFC 3 so you better grind.

    Or you could be done with this crap game like I am....
  • Why do you say it’s the last event?
  • Because it was announced.

    Spotlights and Event Packs etc. will continue, but seasonal campaigns are done with this. Now is time to empty your pockets.
  • Announced where?
  • Announced where?

    On the UFC UT discord.
  • WaterIAm
    332 posts Member
    edited December 2019
    dafuge1 wrote: »
    Announced where?

    On the UFC UT discord.

    Thanks for the info..
    Why in the hell is it not posted here?
    We are literally chum to them...
  • They do not want us to know when our time
    Which = money is worthless.
    But we should know both by now...
  • Hey just got all husks for all the master items I had from last time... 50 husks in all
  • Nice, so upgrading CM Punk to Lvl 15 is possible after all.
  • Ah, brilliant. lol Only problem now is I've used all my shards on moves as I wasn't going to start from the beginning again on a fighter.
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