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Hi I sent my freind 85k and got a 2 week suspension witch was dumb as hell but hey it's in tos I didnt read it my fault ok but I got emailed and suspended on Oct 2nd it's the 18th contacted customer support twice been told to wait till next morning ect still been another 24 hours can we get this fixed I can play on my account just can not use auction house


  • coriosab
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    Get on this morning after being told 3 days in a row Tomorrow you will be able to use auction house 3 days in a row I have go contact customer support 3rd day I will be told my suspension is day 13 but I got email and suspended on the 2nd fix you sh
  • coriosab
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    Contact ea today they said I should have been unsuspened yesterday said that the customer service cant do anything that they need to forward a ticket to terms of service team witch means when you contact ea customers service they are as useless as me or you when dealing with anything basically another way of ea have as dealing with you ask when could I expect to have this resolved was told he couldn't answer me so no ETA confirmed suspended on Oct 2 for 2 weeks it is now the 19th and have no ETA for sending 95k to a freind who was short on a player long story short buy nba next year
  • coriosab
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    Worst support for any game it's the 20th still nothing got suspended on the 2nd told I should be not suspended and that ea cant do anything and that I should just wait it out no ETA ect no answers what went on that its glitch nothing just I cant want help you bye what I a great support team we have
  • EA is a joke and so is there TOS. If you buy packs and sell cards the coins are yours not theirs, if you play the games and earn the coins they are yours not theirs, if you want to help out a friend you should be able too. They allow people to constantly exploit the game with the ridiculous one timers and top corner shots yet you get banned for buying a card off a friend for 85k.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Our forum staff is not able to assist in banned or suspended accounts. I'm sorry you've had some trouble with your account, @coriosab. If there is a specific day when the suspension is supposed to be lifted, you might still need to wait until the specific time when the full two weeks was started (8:05pm for example).

    For any help with your account, please contact our Live-Support team at Help.EA.com.

    If you are inquiring on your ban or suspension, please contact Terms of Service again.

    I will be closing down this discussion.
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