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I was hacked and want coins and players back

I was told to post a message on here because the ea help people they told me that they can’t do anything else for me and I am missing a lot of my players still and all my coins. They said that they escalated my case and I never got an email from the devs. Is there any way for me to get my players or coins back?


  • Can someone that works for ea please help?
  • EA_Blueberry
    4802 posts EA Community Manager
    Hi, @hockey6365

    It's terrible to hear your account was accessed by someone else and your HUT progress was lost. I hope our Support staff was able to walk you through steps on setting up Login Verification on your account to help give it an additional layer of security during the login process.

    I'm afraid our forum staff is not able to assist in these type of requests, as any account changes must go through our Support team at Help.EA.com. If you visit the site again and select Contact Us at the top, your previous case should show up. This is where you can see if it's still in progress or closed. If it's closed, you can re-open the case or feel free to create a new one and reference that case number to the Advisor to follow up on why you never received a response back.

    Some emails might be found in the junk/spam folders for your email provider depending on how the filtering system is set up. Again, I'm sorry to hear what happened and advise contacting our Support again for any further concerns or questions around this.
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