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I had just about enough!

Well, I think it’s time to retire for me! This game is getting worst every update and don’t find the need or the fun to play anymore! It’s getting more than ridiculous, they give a “competitive” mode, yet we can’t play like we want? We can’t have full control of our team cause EA decided that we need to play like they want us to play?

I’ve been grinding for collectibles, like crazy! I’ve put serious hours into playing, getting a better team, better player! But every time I add a new player, my team is getting slower, making bad decision, most of the time outposition! The game after, they’re everywhere! Finally manage to get a 92 overall goalie, guess what? He let about anything enter! I can’t match 83-85ish overall goalie? Why? Cause EA want me to think my team isn’t good enough, spend more time and probly some money!

But that’s enough, it isn’t even near fun, everyone is getting low overall team to get some handicap boost that outspeed your 99 SPD player, while backskating! Everyone’s exploiting the game, yet EA’s not even near answering or doing something about it!

I’m done for now, deleted the game and will move on! Not typing all these for sympathy, just hopefully that someone at EA will read this and will maybe do something about it, but it’s likely impossible, I got this game as a gift this year from my girlfriend cause I didn’t want to buy it, now I’m thinking about dumping her haha!


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