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I am a business consultant and I am confused.

You have:

- A loyal fanbase.
- Microtransaction revenue.
- Nostalgia for collecting hockey cards.

- A massive labour expenditure and development into modernizing "My Colle tion".
- No reward for collecting.
- No benefit to opening most packs.

-The probabilities tell the user that there is a typically a 90-99% chance that the player contents will not give you a roster player.
- The Auction House is rendered pointless for sub-86 players after a few weeks of a user playing.

This is a huge missed opportunity and disconnect. I am kind of shocked that they have not tied these very basic ideas together for the end user and found a way to earn revenue doing it.


  • I'm not saying change the model of the game. Simply connect those 2 dots.

    You'll create an entire new lane of replayability for the users that typically drift away after a roster grind. Give them a reason to keep playing. Surely a certain % of those retained will continue microtransactions. And those that don't spend real money will stick around, boosting your user numbers for potential ad revenue.
  • You've branded the "Ultimate Players Pack".

    There is a 96% chance that the contents provide no benefit to me.

    Costs $4-$5 CDN or you can aquire the coins after approx. 8 hours of regular gameplay.

    I would never choose either of those options?

    This should be your bread and butter. Ultimate Players Pack provides no input to your gameplay experience. No wonder everyone seems to be ticked off!!
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