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Losing points from Squad Battles

Do you lose Squad Battle points if you don't constantly? I posted the other day about not bothering trying to get Elite 1; I was at Elite 2.
Just checked an hour or so ago and I was at Elite 3. This is crap. I played another game that took me back to Elite 2. In an hour or so, I'm back to Elite 2.


  • Should have said "...if you don't constantly play."
  • This is not debateable. You lose points if you are not constantly in a game.
  • No, its just that others have passed you in the standings
  • EA_Blueberry
    4804 posts EA Community Manager
    When you hit a specific rank it doesn't mean you'll stay there if others are logging in towards the end of the week that might score more points than you. The ranking ladder is dynamic. There are a lot of players that will jump in for more matches just before it ends.
  • This is stupid as hell. Then, everybody should play right before the season ends, cramming all the games in so you don't drop.
    This is like auctions? Everybody swooping in at the end trying to win at the last moment? Idiotic.
  • EA_Blueberry
    4804 posts EA Community Manager
    I think some higher level players opt to play this mode towards the end of the week so they have more time to see if they can add better items to their team before attempting them. Swooping in the last second doesn't give you an advantage, it just means players that scored more points than you that weren't added to the leaderboard yet which explains the drop in rank.
  • boumbidiboum
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    edited January 2020
    It doesn’t work that way. You don’t loose point, if you stop playing, you stay at the same amount of points. The others that still play the new daily games are collecting more points and pass you in ranking. You can’t wait at the end of the week and play like 30 games to get to the highest level, you can do that in Rivals and Hut Champs, but not in Squad Battles. You really need to play constantly or you can play a lot of the game during the weekend and then you will have less to play during the week. You will only need to play a couple of game just to keep your rating. Usually to get the Elite 1 rank, you need to accumulate approximately 50000 points during the whole week. You can accumulate them whenever you want, playing the teams of your choice (only high overall team, only low overall team or a mix and match).
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