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NHL 21 wishlist.


  • All joking aside, I too think the outdoors scenery should be a toggleable option. A guy should be able to choose what "skin" he wants for his drop inexperience. I play a lot of club; however, I avoid drops like the plague because of the whole outdoors theme. The ice looks different, the shadows mess with me, and things, in general, feel different there. I for sure would like it more if I could do drops like it used to be--indoors, with full equipment and whatnot. Honestly, it wouldn't be that hard to make it a toggleable option, because the skin does not affect how the game plays, it's a visual thing.

    Also, make an option to turn off cutscenes after the period. I go kind of insane having to wait an extra 30 seconds after the game ends sitting through cutscenes to move onto the next game. I want to play the game; I don't care about the presentation. I'll admit, the presentation was neat the first week, but now it's just annoying. Please let me turn it off.

    Oh yeah, I like the idea of hockey bags; however, I feel like I'm being punished by having to open every one. Stay with me here, I play a lot and accumulate a lot of bags, and it takes me forever to open them. Please give an option to mass open the hockey bags. It would save so much more time and allow me to play the game more.

    The game is awfully menu'y. Instead of requiring a guy to go through 5-6 screen to get into a club 6's lobby, allow a guy to make a shortcut to a specific screen, and apply it to the main menu. It would be incredibly helpful for hut guys and chel guys. Hut guys could go straight to their pack screen from the menu or game screen, chel guys could load straight into the club lobby. make it an option when you hit the option button...."Add shortcut to home screen." boom done.

    As far as gameplay goes, it's not that bad for what it is. I understand you guys are working on a game engine from like 2013 or 14. Ignite 2 engine, I believe. I know the development team is not teeming with staff, so a full switch over to a newer engine that handles physics better is not possible until probably the new consoles launch, and then at earliest, it would probably be NHL 22. However, my only complaints in the gameplay arena have to do with the engine itself. The engine relies on precoded animations, and it's evident to gamers who are now used to high-level physics handling in their game engines. Bumps seem disconnected from the force a player should exert on another, especially when it comes to small players hitting larger players. In terms of physics, a collision with any human-sized player, to a large player, would still result in quite a bit of force, and the ability for even an NHL player to maintain puck possession after a collision like that would be dubious. I think the engine limit's the ability for proper calculations of elastic collisions. Which is basically what hitting is and is physics 100 level type stuff. The new engine would need to utilize a bit better detection of stick collisions as well. Too often, I see players' sticks phase through player models, and nets. I understand the engine does not have animations for the stick collisions, so it's easier to make them be able to go through objects rather than be stopped by them. There are many different scenarios while playing defense when a player was able to get a full one-timer off in front of me, and his stick goes through my body. In real life, my body positioning would have stopped his stick and not allowed a full-strength shot off. I have a lot more, but I feel my post is getting too wordy. Most won't read until this point.

    I'm sure I am of a small minority of the game, and it wouldn't make sense to cater to us guys that prefer a stripped-down version that focuses on gameplay. but it wouldn't be all that hard to do. Unless desync issues are an exact problem there?
  • EA_Blueberry
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    I think more needs to be added in WOC. The player builds have run their course! Once again, take a page out of 2k's book. Give us the ability to create a guy (height and weight can determine max physical attributes) allow us to start a career as a kid being looked at by scouts playing pond hockey or something. Our achetype will be based on what attributes we give our player. We are given an empty slot for our specialty and can pick the first. (Say we start as a 60 ovr or something) at 75 ovr we get a second and at 90 we get a third. Traits shouldn't be in the game.. just specialties. After pond hockey we move to CHL (each season is extremely shortened) maybe just 5-10 games, next you get drafted (you can select your fav team or just allow the game to decide based on performance) next you play in AHL until you get called up (based on performance) (difficulty should be locked in this mode so we can evaluate players somewhat based on their stats and report card) once you captain an NHL team you may adjust the roster some and lines/minutes. Allow us to sign deals with an outfitter so we can get all the gear we want quickly. Immerse us in a world like 2k does. I like playing eashl, I like playing threes eliminator, I play pro am when more is added. Having a be a pro to go along with all of this would be awesome!

    Did you ever play the Journey in FIFA? It's a little similar to what you're describing and Madden has a storyline based franchise mode in Face of the Franchise in Madden 20.
  • My thoughts:

    Chel Mode: Being able to play all modes of Chel in OFFLINE would be nice and add more variety to us offline players. There are modes that looks cool like the battle royal like mode, etc. But I can't play them because they are online only. I'm not as skilled as everyone so I don't have fun playing online. But I do want to enjoy the game. We are extremely limited in offline mode.

    Three's: And for 3's....we play and win the specific team arena, but every arena, minus the logo, is identical! When you scroll through the arenas it appears you can play in the actual teams arena...until you start the game and stuck in the same boring arena.

    One's: Let us play the AI instead of having to go online. Again, offline is extremely limited and doesn't encourage me to go back and continue playing the game.

    If I'm position locked, I shouldn't be controlling every player in the shootout, only the position locked. I asked about this years and years ago and was told it was a good idea....nothing ever happened to fix it.

    Bring back specific player lock!

    Fix the illogical AI defense and passing in this game. Ugh. It is so bad I don't understand how you guys think the game play is in a good state. Have you played the game??

    Remove or give the option to remove the real time last minute of play in the 3rd period. It takes away from the realism of the game. That 1 minute can be 5 minutes of game play, which means increased shots and numerous goals which then equal unrealistic stats. Realism gets lost.
  • Fix up be a pro.

    Make it more like NBA's MyCareer.
    - Coach interactions
    - Possible fan interactions
    - Better contracts (higher than 2 yr) , contract negotiations
    - Custom music, as stated above
    - Winter Classics, I know that's more to ask for but maybe in NHL 22 if it takes that long.
    - Company sponsorships (offered deals from Bauer, CCM, etc)
    - Locker room interactions ^^
    And so much more.

    Be A Pro is literally my favourite mode and it could be so much better with a little more work into it. Many people enjoy the gamemode.
  • I have only one Thing i wanna Be added to nhl 21 is National teams And like world cup and world juniors It cant be that hard For ea to ad that its In fifa so Why cant they ad it for nhl
  • My wishlist:
    1) Goalie injuries during play (from making desperate saves, cannot be injured when hit)
    2) Center being thrown out of face off, second is penalty
    3) (GM Mode) for first PP/PK of game, show current season and ranking
  • Another part of my wishlist
    1. Faster way scrolling through CAP lists.
    2. Stop disappearing players after roster updates, put them in FA.
    3. No more adding duplicate and retired players to FA.
    4. When you are looking for a FA have an option to sort players by position, sort by overalls, sort by name like first letter of first name and last name, etc
  • NolandL00
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    My wishlist would be something to spice up the franchise mode. Put an in season rookie tournament like the world juniors or something.
  • lisk87
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    A zamboni mode like 2k had would be awesome. Stanley cup and retired number banners for franchise mode would really be neat. Sponsers in the crease like the nhl has had for a couple years. And make it so you can sign arena naming rights deals for expansion teams and have there logo around the center ice logo and make more money for my team.
  • My wishlist:
    1. Since glitch goals will never be dealt with I would like to see AI goalies adapt.

    2. Dial back the RB and X penalty buttons. EA cant tell me that abusing poke check is unrealistic when they have done nothing to curb unrealistic scoring percentage of glitch goals.

    3. Make player overalls matter again.
  • I have 3 more ideas for NHL 21, or NHL 22. they are as follows.
    #1 I want to have diving trip hints.
    #2 Online Archetype editor.
    #3 Patriotic goal winning knockouts.

    Thanks for letting me post this.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Taking out the prospect teams
    Adding in the WJC -20 teams
    Adding in USports league
    Adding in USHL

    We need more leagues in NHL 21.
  • I know i am not a big you tuber but i have played all the NHL games that EA has put out from day 1.I love the way that we get a shadow on the ice from the mascot when they are on the left side yes i noticed that i would like to see the squad battles stay for next year i love that mode and the weekly challenges and the event on.And now i would like to see coaches challenges just like the real game and at the load screen when you go into squad battles what ever team you have you should get a shot of the arena thanks for taking the time to read this post
  • Goalie mask editor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • > @kaykd271980 said:
    > My wishlist for next version:
    > #1 Goalie mask Editor
    > #2 Jersey Editor
    > #3 Teams and Players from KHL and german DEL2
    + a german presenter.
    (Your #3 is the most importent to me.)
  • > @Sturmwehr1991 said:
    > > @kaykd271980 said:
    > > My wishlist for next version:
    > > #1 Goalie mask Editor
    > > #2 Jersey Editor
    > > #3 Teams and Players from KHL and german DEL2
    > >
    > + a german presenter.
    > (Your #3 is the most importent to me.)

  • I'd like to see them bring back the between period highlights and updates from other games around the league like they had in the original NHL games. Like seeing goals, saves, fights, injuries, and maybe like the last 15 seconds or so of a period. Being an old school player I also wouldn't mind seeing an occasional line or bench clearing brawl tossed in.
  • Add REAL coaches to Franchise mode to make the game more realistic. Update Be A Pro Mode because it's stale. Keep working on players so they actually look like the real person.
  • i want in 21 is ajhl brooks bandits fortmcmurry oilers and more please ea do it
  • LasyLibson
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    edited January 2020
    let us do something with the goliemasks like, own disign, i have wait for that since nhl 1999.

    more logos to team creating

    let us use old teams jersey’s and emblem like Quebec and old mighty ducks.

    franchies mode: this arena fix is annoying make it more realsitic.

    even if i got 3 lines with chemestry 3 and 5 (good players) my team keep losing every match but when i put ”best” lines i got 0 to -2 in chemestry my team start winning everything ?
    and sometimes i have a team winning conference and not change anything to next season they lose everything?

    let the entry before a match look real, let them come out from their bear heads or what ever they have

    all moving after referee whistling looks ridiculous and the fans to

    well I still love this game

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