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NHL 2020 Online Versus - Roster Changes

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I'm trying to play with the Penguins but Crosby isn't on the roster - why is that? I thought it was due to injury but Guentzel is still in the line up (perhaps his injury was too recent?).

I tried going to 'Rosters' --> 'Active Rosters' and selecting an older one where he's active but then it defaults to back to him being inactive in online mode. Any help would be appreicated.



  • If you’re playing online versus, it always defaults to latest rosters so everyone plays with the sane roster update. The only way you’d be able to use an older roster would be if you’re couch playing with a buddy
  • Geensyg
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    that's what i figured - i guess Guentzel's injury was after the latest roster update.

  • When you are editing your roster and line combinations you can swap in scratched players, and sometimes your injured players are located there. You can't swap which version of the roster you want to use, but you can access your scratched players like that.
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