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NCAA teams

NHL 21 needs NCAA teams. Nothing else will make me buy this game asap. I'll even preorder. It would be a smart move too for EA to add NCAA because it brings in a whole new market of fans


  • They can't. Likeness and trademark issues. College is off limits for now.
  • Isn’t their a new law to pay for College Hockey Players rights since this year ? So they could make a Fantasy College League with all real Player names and likenesses. They only need to pay the Players.
  • Hey now, let's just start by getting the NHL players likenesses down then we can worry about the college players. I appreciate the fact they've allowed us to edit their equipment and facial hair, but there's a ton of players in this game who's hair length and even skin tones are way off.
  • If they will not add minimum 50-100 real new Player likenesses in an update at NHL 20, I will skip NHL 21. EA NHL archive is full of scanned Players from Rookie showcases and other events. By the way, to open and let us edit the generic Player likenesses which mostly looking far from the Players similar appearance is a must too. Sure, this is not for all important, but guess there are many who are waiting for such updates.
  • The plans of how players will be compensated and stuff is still being worked out. That's why I said "for now". I don't see college being added anytime soon but I could be wrong. It would be convinient if they would eventually add the US dev team and just place all the best US players on there whether on the team or not.
  • It’s not only about the Players alone. Customer want to decide in which League they want to start their Franchise mode. It should be possible to play in all Leagues not only NHL and AHL. With this new Coach mode it also should be possible to change the League and clubs if you start in a Coach mode during an existing Franchise. The next important are the Players of the Draft class of NCAA, USHL and KHL too. So if there is no license for the Team names and only for the College Players, a Fantasy US College, Russian League makes sense.
  • Pfft, they can barely keep up with rosters, player likeness, ratings and correct stats as it is.
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