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Hut 20 ridonkulous 30 hit chalange

4 posts New member
I know someone could manage to do 30 hit chalange and i could if i take some days and get lucky. But what i managed to know from this chalange is that EA, dont know what is a hit. Its more then knocking opponents to the other side of field. I counted more then 35+ hits, but game gave me only 20, so there you go. Thanks EA.


  • Ogkane26
    4 posts New member
    And before someone asks, why i think so. Easy...it counts only strong body checks. No shoulder cheks or hits against boards not counted. And some hits are just disappointing because on high level, in this case allstar, they just dont happen...you hit the opponents, but dont feel that and keeps his position like nothing would happen and mostly that happens next to my net, and scores after that easily.
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