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Week 2 Flashback Player Item Choice Set

9 gold collectables but I don't have the option to see which players may potentially be in the pack?

I'm not wasting 9 gold collectables to get an 88 card.

Can someone elaborate on what to expect?
It doesn't even say what MINIMUM overall player you can expect?


  • If I am not wrong, you get to choose between three random players from the event. It is absolutely a Flashback item, but which one you get to choose between is random. You can end up choosing between three of the lowest overall players, the three top players or a mix and match of high and low overall players. It is pretty risky. Even if you end up with the best player, you will have paid him pretty much full price. I would say that you might be better, selling your gold icons or players (if you can) and buy the player that you want from the AH. The just me though.
  • Yeah totally not worth it. That's an unnecessary gamble.
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