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EA, how about making Willie O'Ree upgradeable. Not like it's Black History Month, or anything.


  • O'ree's inclusion this year was a welcome one, if not long overdue. It does however illustrate another problem I am having with is years offering in that there are too many events in which the highest rated players are the same as other years. I can almost forgive the issuing of Chara every years as a MSP just due to his unique physical traits, but Hossa as a high end trade deadline card every year, or Duschane again? Seems to me there has to be other options. Also, EA, PLEASE tell me you have a set of icons commemorating The Miracle is a few days. I understand that legal/money matters play a role, and the game is call NHL and not simply Hockey so the Soviet players would be hard to get rights to (a MSP Tretiak would be awesome thought) but surely a few of those guys would be willing to give there consent.
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