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Goalie stats still incorrect

As I was starting up my day with NHL 20 I noticed goaltender Jonathan Quicks stats from the LA Kings are wrong. In single player “play now mode” it displayed that he only had 12 career wins which is obviously wrong.

I will be playing till about 10pm tonight and I will keep posting which goalie stats are wrong. I had thought they fixed it but I guess not. Maybe for certain goalies, who knows.

Back to NHL 20

Can’t wait until NHL 21


  • He might only have 12 wins this season haha
  • Ikr lol but man I really hope they fix these stats. If not for this game then I hope it’s fixed by 21 comes out
  • In play now mode, I chose the Buffalo Sabres and as it showed the stats for the goalies it displayed that Carter Hutton has a career record of 0-0-0 which is obviously wrong.
  • mgworek
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    Stats are wrong for everyone. I have a player in franchise mode with 20+ goals. During the game they show a close up and shows he has 3 goals.

    Look, stats have been messed up for years. Don't plan on them getting fixed. They are just worse this year. Every year if you play franchise mode, after the first season, stats go out the window. Makes no sense.

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