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Jager 97 for 97 Kucherov

Great feedback on the best winger in the game Thank you
Thinking of selling 97 Jager and buying 97 Kucherov
Jager is good but expected more. Also considering selling Jager then moving 95 Lemieux from center to wing since a lot of you say he's the best winger in the game then picking up Datsuk for Center.
Kucherov right now is less costly than Datsuk so I'd have leftover funds
Your thoughts


  • I think it is a great idea, it looks good to me. I do have pretty much that on my team.


    I don’t go for players that I never have seen on ice, so there might be better option for some positions and some of them are just my favourite players so they are on my team no matter what overall/attributes they have. It might give you ideas for new players though...
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