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Simple solution when up against AI

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We have all been there. You score. The other team quits. Commence 20 minutes of agony against a team of AI and 2 users who know this is an advantage and use it.

This happened to me twice out of 5 games last night. In the first game we scored to make it 1-0 and then battled against compies and ended up losing 6-5 in OT. To have the score that close was a valiant effort by our team. We lose a shitload of CR, everyone is pissed etc.

I think that at the very least if you lose to a team of computers you should lose NO cr. Especially if you are up against them for virtually the entire game.

This doesn't negate the frustration of gameplay that ensues. But at least it doesn't punish you for losing a game that should have been 6s.

I wish I recorded the game. The uncanny rebound, and puck possession by the AI was insane. Like we literally stood no chance. There was no way we were getting out of these games with a W.

So please EA. If CR is here to stay in it's current form, at least negate the CR losses to a team of AI.



  • I agree with you for sure. It's funny, I played a game last night and it was the opposite. The computers were complete pylons and we were making routes on them. Won like 11-2 or something like that. Then there's the other games where you can't touch the puck at all. It's so weird.

    But I agree it's nonsense when you lose 18 CR for getting gumped by the compies.
  • What makes the CPU most effective when players drop and your human goalie remains, the CPU reacts way too fast to rebound and instantly bang in any loose pucks around the net. The CPU doesnt suffer from latency or reaction time so the puck is in the net before the goalie can locate it.
  • TTZ_Dipsy
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    It sucks when a team only wins due to lame ai plays but as someone who usually plays with just 1 other human, the ai isn't as godly as you make them out to be. Dropped players no longer keep their human stats, and instead drop to regular ai levels (I think this changed last year or the year prior to that)

    5 or 6 humans should be a major advantage but my team of 2 (mostly ai) has been undefeated against them because there are way too many cooks in the kitchen so to speak.

    AI can be manipulated just as much, if not more than any human...

    If you lose less CR for playing more bots, shouldn't my team earn more CR fpr going up against what should be a stronger team?
  • If you win sure get some CR for beating a team of 6. But the team of 6 shouldn't lose any CR against a team of compies.

    I bet the top 6s clubs in the world would struggle against an average couple of players playing with AI. Of course assuming the average players know they have the AI and aren't calling for passes like complete dummies.
  • I know I've been on the flipside of it and pulled out relatively easy wins against a squad of 6 players obviously playing together with 900+ CR. If my team is down even 5 goals with half the game left I am coming back for the win with the help of AI. Every time. That shouldn't be the case.
  • Needs a bump this is seriously a problem causing unfair game results to deserving winners.
  • TTZ_Dipsy
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    At the end of the day, it is on the human goalie to make some saves if you're talking true 6's. You can't be allowed the benefit of only being able to gain CR and not losing any against a mixed team of humans and ai, that's just not balanced.

    You can have a modifier, sure, but there will always be at least 2 humans on one side and the AI, while inconsistent at best, can be reliably exploited (doubly so for the goalie) so a larger team should be at fault if they let the game get out of hand.

    My buddy and I are forced to play outside our builds when it's just the two of us but a larger team can just play fill their roles and plant in a spot - instead, you see everyone trying to do everything when they don't need to - this is when anyone on the other team, be it ai or human, can take advantage. It comes down to being an issue of discipline more than anything imo
  • I don't think you will meet anyone who has ever played against a team full of mostly computers and said it was easier having a squad of 6s against 2 humans and AI.

    My buddies and I are quite good and while we usually do still hang on for a victory it is extremely difficult to outplay the AI. Their uncanny rebounds alone are just so overpowered, no human can do any of it.
  • TTZ_Dipsy
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    AI goalies give off juicy rebounds all the time when you shoot from the right (their left); it's the oldest, cheapest trick in the book, been that way for years.

    On paper and in theory a team of mostly humans should have an easy time is what I'm saying; the other team consisting mostly of ai has nothing to do with the score at the end of the game - it's because being a human goalie is absolute trash in this series, and the other 5 people are moving around with zero direction.

    I've been saying for years how garbage the ai is and you're saying they are godly all the time. They definitely have the potential to make great plays, no doubt, but in my experience, it is far from consistent.

    This brings up a huge problem with the community and game in general though - the AI needs vast improvements all around. I need them to not make stupid plays, and you need them to take a seat and let the humans be accountable; with EA trying to pick and choose from all vastly different points it hurts everyone. Poking is fine now, speed and stuff works - EASHL needs NHL 21's gimmick to be more cautious AI who trusts the humans to go back to their position instead of taking on themselves to forces plays that mess everything up for both sides
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