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Manual Skate Backwards xbox one?

Greetings all ... just wondering if it's possible to manually skate backwards using the NHL 94 controls? I've turned off auto back-skate. Tutorial video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=lCxP68dUmtk&feature=emb_logo says to use L2 button put this is is for the PS4.


  • L2 and R2 are the same as LT and RT.
  • NHLDev
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    With 94 controls you don't have the ability to use manual backskate even if you turn that option off as it is mostly to replicate the simplicity of the old school controls.

    We have added some hold and release dekes and things over the years to expand the scheme but if you want to use button controls and have more options for manual control, including vision control/backskate, I would suggest using the Hybrid scheme and then you have access to full L2/LT control when you turn off auto backskate.
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